ConsenSys’ Kaleido Expands Blockchain Services into Asia Pacific

ConsenSys’ Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud platform, recently launched in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), will make new investments in Asia Pacific to reflect growing demand for blockchain services.

New York-based blockchain software developer ConsenSys said on Tuesday its Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud platform that partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will expand its business in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to reflect a surging demand for blockchain services by companies and governments.

Kaleido has already started offering its blockchain business cloud at AWS’s data centers in Sydney and Seoul, expecting to add other centers as well over the coming months. It was though not made clear which locations will follow suit.

Launched in May by ConsenSys in cooperation with Amazon’s cloud computing arm AWS, Kaleido is now turning to APAC as there appears to be a room for improvement of trade connectivity in the region, the statement explains. It notes that Asia Pacific countries currently seek to build trade consortia, boost e-commerce and extend remittance payments, and blockchain technology represents a solution.

"Serious investment in enterprise blockchain initiatives across Asia Pacific is off the charts. Building on our partnership and the significant regional presence with AWS, Kaleido and ConsenSys Solutions APAC are meeting this demand,” Joe Lubin, ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder, commented.

The new Kaleido business platform in Asia Pacific has already attracted as a partner Shanghai-based genome data sequencing and analytics firm Caifeng Gene. It will use Kaleido to connect with hospitals, genome sequencing service providers, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, thus enabling an exchange of diabetes-related data, crucial for a country like China where nearly 10% of the adult population suffers from diabetes.

Another Kaleido partner is Philippine bank consortium Project i2i, aiming to bring financial services to rural communities. Kaleido’s blockchain platform is said to help Project i2i banks reduce the time to process inter-bank transactions significantly.