Coinsecure Offers Refunds to Some Heist Victims, Unlocks Exchange

Coinsecure is slowly beginning to send emails to victims of the April 9 heist, offering them the ability to claim their funds in a new portal.

Following the heist which occured on April 9 with losses of over $3 million in cryptocurrency, Coinsecure is starting to slowly refund the victims of the attack.

New reports are appearing, showing that Coinsecure is emailing some of its customers to tell them that they can start claiming their money back. This is despite the fact that the Indian cryptocurrency exchange hasn’t posted the update on its website as it usually does.

The last update, posted on April 29, says that authorities are slowing things down and making the compensation process difficult.

“When investigations are underway, we don’t have much of a say and do need permissions from the authorities to start the compensation process, which we are yet to receive. We will update you when we have definite dates around the start of the process,” the company wrote.

Still, emails to some customers have been confirmed that tell them that they can start the claims process.

It’s likely that the authorities gave Coinsecure the go-ahead for this, but only for a limited list of people. That list might grow over time as the investigation makes further progress.

The exchange’s website still shows all of its notices and no trading portal, but there’s a button on the top leading to a website where people can redeem their lost funds.

We don’t yet know whether people who didn’t receive the email can claim their cryptocurrency, but there’s now concrete evidence that Coinsecure is making efforts to pay back victims of the heist.

Once the site is back, we may expect to see it listing Venezuela’s Petro due to discussions the country’s government had with the company earlier this month.

We might even get to peek into trading activity on the elusive coin as the supply continues to be mostly in control of two wallets.