CoinPoker Prepares for Final ICO Phase, Only 30% of CHP Tokens Left

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CoinPoker is a project with functional playrooms, soon to offer its CHP in-game cryptocurrency. The already functioning MVP of CoinPoker has been downloaded 20,000 times, and there are more than 30,000 unique registrations on the site since January 5, when the pre-sale was first announced. 

“I’m very happy to see CoinPoker doing so well,” said poker legend Tony G, one of the project’s advisors, “Blockchain technologies are our future, and CoinPoker will begin the poker revolution that all the players have been waiting for. This is a game-changer!”

The project is well-supported by industry experts. advisors on this project include and poker industry veterans Isabelle Mercier, Warren Lush, and Michael Josem from the online gaming and poker industry space. But the crypto community also keeps a close watch:

“CoinPoker is the first platform using the CHP token but it has a great chance to become the valuable utility token for use in the whole emerging crypto gaming industry and various projects”, said professional crypto investor Sonic Zhang.

CoinPoker is seeing additional support from cryptocurrency market leaders, including proven crypto investment consultancy company Digital X and top Asian crypto investment fund Valuenet Capital. There is also backing from CEO Kevin Hobbs and it is clear there is huge momentum behind this project.

The ICO closing date is set for January 26, or when all tokens are sold. The price of CHP tokens will rise from 4,200 for 1 ETH to 3,500 for 1 ETH in stage II of the ICO. 

After the token event, CoinPoker will still have bounties and promotions, to re-distribute 15% of the tokens collected to the community.

CoinPoker will kick off with two large opening tournaments, with unprecedented prize pools. On the 21st January, the tournament will have a Tesla S as a grand prize.

CoinPoker has already sold 100 million CHP tokens in just six days in the pre-ICO phase in November, possibly pointing to a successful token sale. For promotional purposes, 5 million CHP tokens were distributed. The CoinPoker team is, therefore, already stress-testing its application.

CoinPoker is also involving its players in many processes, such as the selecting game formats, structures, the aforementioned features, and even app design. Security issues were explored, too. 

“CoinPoker has cracked down on multi-accounters,” said industry veteran and CoinPoker’s Head of Security Michael Josem, “CoinPoker closed a number of accounts that were used by the same people and that is just the start of the measures that CoinPoker is going to take in order to reduce the risk of cheating.”

Michael Josem has commented on CoinPoker in a recent Medium article, exploring the various security topics of online gaming. 

CoinPoker is launching their ICO on the 19th of January, but there has already been a lot of progress made in terms of creating an active community, producing a well-tested viable product, and funding the final launch. At this point, it has already reached success and the upcoming ICO will determine the impact that CoinPoker can have in the gambling industry. For all information see:

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