CoinPoker Builds Smart Contracts for Virtual Poker Rooms

CoinPoker offers a unique tournament platform built around smart contracts.

Enter a fully virtual, fair and intuitive poker room centered around Ethereum smart contracts. CoinPoker offers innovative and engaging gaming in its proprietary platform, fueled by the CHP token.

The CoinPoker platform can bring into one gaming world users from across the globe, who would use the same CHP token for the game. The smart contracts engineered by CoinPoker not only ensure a safe, transparent and fair game, but also provide anonymous participation. 

To ensure extra security, the CoinPoker has a monitoring system to detect and deter unfair behavior, both from human players or bots. Dedicated algorithms based on machine learning would look out for unfair teaming or collusions. 

CoinPoker will rely on 500 million Chips (CHP) tokens, of which 75% would be distributed in the ICO, for a wide network of users. Right after the token sale's end, the plans of CoinPoker include the launch of the token wallet, to ensure fast international deposits and withdrawals. Shortly after, the first game rooms would start attracting players.

At the moment, CoinPoker has already developed an alpha version on which to run the play rooms and test the CHP token. According to the security expert Michael Josem, the main aim of the minimum viable product is to test the platform against malicious user activity, thus ensuring the robustness of the smart contract.

"There’s no doubt that some people will try to cheat and break the rules, and this is a great opportunity for CoinPoker to refine the rules, and also the enforcement systems to enforce those rules," explained Josem in a company blog.

After the launch, CoinPoker would become a decentralized community that would constantly consult experts and users to improve its product. The process has begun even now, as the test game rooms are fully operational and can be tested. There will be no waiting around for a concept product after the CoinPoker ICO, and the CHP token would be immediately usable within the gaming ecosystem.

The CHP token is available for immediate withdrawals, and soon after hitting exchanges could be converted to Ethereum or other digital assets.

For the token sale starting in eight days, find out the details on CoinPoker’s ICO profile page. The ICO will start on January 19, and end on January 26, 2018.