Coinbase Topped $1 Billion in Revenue Last Year, But Outside Investors Not Allowed In

Crypto exchange platform made $1 billion in revenue in 2017; however, the company doesn’t allow trading of stock on secondary markets.

Top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase surpassed its $600 million goal for 2017, raking in a whopping $1 billion in revenue – however, despite their eagerness, venture capitalists cannot get in on the action.

As per Recode, the popular crypto exchange platform saw a huge surge in popularity following Bitcoin’s massive bull run in November and December 2017, followed by price spikes among alt coins. The crypto market rally last year saw the 6-year-old company’s revenue surpassing its set goal for 2017 by approximately 66%, as both retail and institutional investors scrambled to grab a piece of the Bitcoin pie.

The road to the top has not been smooth for Coinbase – repeated outages and service disruptions during peak trading times, and allegations of insider trading following the botched launch of Bitcoin Cash on the platform, have led to significant criticism and user frustration.

However, despite all this, Coinbase remains among the most popular platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It has featured among the top apps on the U.S. Apple App store, launched a digital asset storage service for institutional investors, and currently has over 13 million users – more than top brokerage Charles Schwab.

In addition, the company has repeatedly expressed its commitment to improving the platform and has taken several steps to this effect, including the recent hiring of a new VP Operations in a bid to fix customer support issues.

Coinbase’s success has caught the eye of outside investors, and venture capitalists and private brokers have begun to seek Coinbase shares via a number of channels.

However, Coinbase remains private and shareholders are not permitted to sell their shares to outside parties. In a statement to Recode, Coinbase stated:

“As a private company, Coinbase does not allow trading of stock on secondary markets for a variety of reasons, including the fact that there is not full and equal information available to the market. We will take appropriate action if we find people have sold Coinbase shares in violation of our agreements not to do so.”

Coinbase raised $100 million in funding during August last year, which means interested investors have a long wait ahead of them before the company decides to fundraise again. In addition, according to Recode, several company insiders believe Coinbase will not fundraise again, leaving VCs to explore other avenues.