COINadmin Unveils New Dashboard Features in January 2018

COINadmin has added more crypto and marketing tools in order to facilitate ICOs in reaching ambitious crowdfunding goals.

COINadmin, an international bookbuilding platform for ICO launches, has announced the integration of updates and new features in its dashboard.

According to CTO of COINadmin, the release notes will inform clients of new opportunities and present additional options for raising money during their crowdfunding campaigns.

“While working with our clients and deploying dashboards for them, we realized that a dashboard needs to provide multiple options for every function because every team and every startup is unique, and each applies a unique approach to running a crowdsale,” says

Currently, COINadmin provides dashboards for the ongoing ICOs of four projects: CrowdWiz (Israel), ATFS Lab (South Korea), Patron (Japan), and Jury.Online (Russia).

In search of the perfect money-raising tool combination

The most important update concerns the range of cryptocurrencies and allows receiving money from investors in different ways. BTH and ETC have now been added to the crypto list, which previously featured BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Meanwhile, COINadmin's dashboard provides the option for receiving the fiat money by means of credit cards and wire transfers. Another new feature allows users to pick the right option for raising investments in fiat.

The dashboard has a Stripe integration, which is a widely used online payments processing system. This integration provides a good alternative to credit cards and wire transfers, so a startup can pick a more convenient way to attract fiat.

Marketing via dashboard – why not?

COINadmin has incorporated new marketing tools into the dashboard, including pixels and iframe. According to the corporate website, this should encourage marketing departments to enhance performance and build a sales funnel by means of a dashboard.

“If you work with advertising networks, we will embed specialized pixels into the dashboard that enhance the efficiency of the advertising campaign and enable a more efficient use of your budget,” noted by COINadmin CTO.

In addition, the new marketing tools help startup teams use the data on the audience segment for re-targeting and implementing the Look Alike technology.

About COINadmin

COINadmin is a service company launched in October 2017 by Krypton Capital. The Krypton Capital fund has global investments in crypto ventures, putting it in a unique position to leverage businesses and utilize an eco-system of partners who help each other succeed.

For more information, please visit the COINadmin's website.