COINadmin is your Short-cut to a Successful ICO

COINadmin provides a full-service solution for initial coin offerings, ranging from marketing to execution, successfully cutting overheads and saving time for blockchain ventures.

With blockchain technology taking center-stage and token sales gathering funds in greater numbers than ever, a large number of startups are now choosing to raise financing through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

According to statistics, blockchain projects have raised over $3 billion in the first quarter of 2018 against $6 billion in all of 2017, which shows that demand for ICOs is still unsated.

To the casual observer, it might seem that the process is set-and-forget simple, but the first impression is misleading. You need to have a plan, to take care of hundreds of details, consider thousands of nuances and stand ready for any unexpected outcomes. Otherwise, your ICO may turn into a disaster, even if you have the most revolutionary and innovative idea on the market.

What is COINadmin and how can it help?

COINadmin is an innovative tech company which offers a secure and user-friendly software solution for ICOs, enabling the launch of any token sale in just 7 days.

The platform has been designed to make both, running an ICO, and participating in it, simple and seamless, and has already been successfully field-tested in a number of projects.

Services provided by COINadmin include ERC-20 and ERC-223-based smart contracts, and fully-customizable investor dashboards enable admins to change specifics, such as a variety of security options, currency acceptance, client outreach and a wide selection of other features.

COINadmin’s team of talented developers have expertise in all popular programming languages, while professional marketers, account managers, and security experts stand ready to tackle all the issues that may arise during an ICO campaign.

The dashboard’s key features and benefits include

  • Convenience from the very start: The COINadmin allows social network and email sign-ups for backers, encouraging participation.
  • Support for a variety of crypto and fiat currencies: Backers can choose their preferred currency for participation.
  • Multilingual support: The dashboard is available in a number of languages and more can be added where necessary. We provide anti-DDOS protection and full-time technical support via a dedicated team.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): 2FA integration protects backers’ accounts from hacking or unauthorized access.
  • KYC module: Built-in KYC module collects information and validates investors’ identities to avoid legal issues.
  • Custom Admin CMS panel: Central command allows ICO admins to set -up and manage all ICO settings.
  • Guided token purchase: Offers backers a seamless token purchase process and automated token distribution after ICO completion.
  • 2-tier referral program: Makes it possible for investors to receive bonuses, not only for the participants invited with their referral links but also for those invited by their invitees.
  • Increased conversion: Basic User flow allows to increase conversion and motivate potential contributors to make transactions and share referral links to your campaign via social networks and messengers.
  • Enhanced motivation: The dashboard contains three types of bonuses (daily, referral, manual) and supports airdrop feature, which allows sending free tokens to random wallets for engagement.
  • More features coming: Automatic bounty module is an upcoming feature that will allow tracking of all promotional activities in social networks and rewarding participants with additional tokens.

Why COINadmin is better than in-house solutions

It's time-efficient

Software development is a time-consuming process. Even if you have a team of developers experienced in the field, it will take at least a month or two to create a dashboard for a crowdsale that will satisfy the needs of the project. A COINadmin basic dashboard will be ready in just seven business days.

It's cost-effective

Coinadmin’s ready-to-use and customizable solutions minimize ICO overhead costs, so there is no need to maintain bloated IT departments and technical support teams.

It's safe and reliable

COINadmin's customers can rest assured that their ICO dashboard is fully protected. The service uses Google Cloud servers, two-factor authorization, and third-party security auditing to ensure a reliable, hacking-proof infrastructure. Technical support and immediate assistance in case of emergencies are also provided for the whole ICO period.

When running an ICO campaign, the sheer scale of activities demands prioritization so that top-level executives can focus on areas which help the project gain traction. COINadmin’s services and solutions are designed to help projects tackle core issues, by offloading all the secondary, technical and administrative tasks.

If you’re planning an ICO campaign, click here to contact COINadmin and schedule a free consultation.