ClearCoin: Building a Transparent and Efficient Advertising Platform on the Blockchain

ClearCoin platform aims to change the way media buying and selling works in the advertising industry by utilizing blockchain technology to create a transparent and efficient eco-system.

The online advertising space is only going to grow from here on, and while the future prospects are bright, there are a lot of problems plaguing the industry as well. There are tons of intermediaries in the market, increasing advertising costs, not to mention the complexity of the whole cycle, involving multiple payment channels, agencies, banks, contracts and so on.

The use of blockchain technology is uniquely suited to this space due to its immutable and transparent nature, coupled with programmable triggers, allowing for automated, programmatic buying. ClearCoin is a project which aims to build on this opportunity, providing media buyers and sellers a reliable and transparent platform.

ClearCoin’s solution to online advertising problems

Using the ClearCoin platform, not only will advertisers be able to spend their budgets more efficiently, but sellers will also be able to make maximum revenue, without the need for middlemen and agencies. Additionally, given how the platform will make use of blockchain technology, the instances of fraud, which are rampant in the advertising space, and cost 20% of all profits, will also be reduced considerably.

The ClearCoin platform, headed by CEO Jay Singh, who has experience starting multiple ventures with millions in revenue, covers almost the entire scope of digital marketing. Advertisers receive an effective accounting system for ads placed on marketing channels and can see where the leads come from and which of them convert, cutting off less effective ways of promotion.

As a result, marketers, brands, publishers, advertising agencies, information resources and other mediums are united in one system. At the same time, the ordering of services and payments for them are settled directly, on the blockchain, which uses smart contracts for flaw-less, error-free and trustless transactions.

ClearCoin’s Functionality

ClearCoin allows you to monitor marketing traffic in real time in order to promptly adjust advertising campaigns. Smart contracts ensure the safe purchase of advertising and blockchain excludes inaccuracies in the analysis of user history. The platform also runs an auction and a blacklist system for disabling bots and the ability to buy ad slots.

Moreover, the platform is compatible with several popular formats for advertising: virtual reality, social networks, television, mobile, video, audio, search, display, and native advertising.

The development of the ClearCoin eco-system in the future will lead to a profound transformation of the market, a reduction in the cost of content and leads, increase in the transactions speed and the speed of getting ready-made content. As a result, ClearCoin will create a healthy and transparent market competition with a reputation of each participant that remains stored on the blockchain forever.