CitiCash Paves the Way to Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption

The project is building a cryptocurrency and payment ecosystem designed to serve ordinary people in their everyday life.


Mass adoption is one of the great challenges for the cryptocurrency industry, recognized by crypto experts and developers alike. It is the step required to take the technology and the concept of digital money to the next phase of evolution.

Speaking at the NEXT BLOCK Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 14, communications ambassador and world-known crypto advocate Sterlin Lujan emphasized the importance of making cryptocurrency useful, understandable, and easily accessible for anyone, regardless of their social status, financial situation, and geographical location.

The CitiCash project aims to make it possible for ordinary people with little or no tech-savviness to use cryptocurrency on a daily basis for routine purchases and enjoy the benefits offered by blockchain technology. Its cryptocurrency ecosystem works perfectly well both for Millennials and their grandparents due to the functionality to convert CitiCash into any fiat currency accepted by the vendor, directly from the walled linked to a debit card.

“The development of CitiCash took place from the start in order to remove these obstacles. All tools are therefore extremely simple and do not require any technical background from the users,” comments Citi Lab Czech CTO Oldřich Šálek.

How it works

With CitiCash, you are just three steps away from using crypto in your everyday life.

  1. Set up a wallet - it is currently available for Windows OS although mobile and Mac OS versions are coming soon.
  2. Credit it with CitiCash coins (CCH) - the initial coin offering (ICO) is live so you can get some right now or do it later, when the asset is registered on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. Request a CitiCash debit card - it is available to anyone with CitiCash coins in their wallet.

That's all it takes! Now you can pay with digital money in all restaurants, retail stores, online shops, or other venues. There is no need to look for a "crypto accepted here" sign as the wallet will automatically transfer the coins into the vendor's preferred currency at the current exchange rate.

What's so special about CitiCash?

CitiCash is rooted in three main features: usability, accessibility, and anonymity.

The user-friendly interface is made for ordinary people, removing complexities that prevent many from entering the exciting world of crypto coins.

The technology behind the system allows using CitiCash coins at any place that accepts debit or credit card payments, including online stores and local outlets.

CitiCash uses RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) technology to ensure the privacy and anonymity of all transactions.

CitiCash ICO details

The project has launched its crowdfunding campaign with the aim to sell 130 million CCH tokens at the exchange rate of 1 CCH = $0.15. The ICO will be live until the above-specified hard cap is reached or until October 31, whichever happens first. Potential investors can purchase tokens for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero, with the minimum investment being 10 CCH.

The company plans to use the public sale proceeds for the technical and commercial development of the project, including investments in talent, hardware, and software, as well as financing its listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges and a massive marketing campaign aimed at promoting CitiCash adoption on a mass scale.

If you are interested in the project, visit its official website or follow it on social networks such as Twitter and Telegram for timely updates.