Chinese Crypto Billionaire Caught on Tape Bashing Binance, NEO, QTUM

Social media is rife with reports regarding a recording of billionaire Li Xiaolai talking about Binance, NEO and QTUM.

The Chinese cryptocurrency community has been stirred by a recently leaked recording where it appears that Chinese crypto billionaire Li Xiaolai is bashing some of the industry’s key figures. Social media is brimming with reports about the outburst and YouTube channel Boxmining, with almost 200,000 subscribers, also covered the controversial recording.

Li can allegedly be heard on tape, first leaked by news site 8btc, making unsavory remarks against the executives of Binance, NEO and QTUM.

On the recording, Binance founder Zhao Changpeng is described as “not a good guy.”

“He used to have dirty deals with Xu MingXing [founder of OKEx]. He knows very little about technical issues. Binance made its name because all the crypto exchanges had to shut down upon the crypto ban last September in China, but he insisted on keeping Binance operating only for his Canadian nationality.”

Li can be heard calling Binance “a fraud exchange” and TRON founder Justin Sun a “scammer.”

According to the report, the recording was done in secret with Li unaware that his foul words were being stored digitally. Although Li eventually admitted to his tongue-lashing in a post, he refused to apologize and claimed that he does not have to do so.

 “I’d like to avoid those dirty words in public speaking, but in private, I don’t have to bother to please others.”

QTUM founder Patrick Shuai and China-based blockchain platform NEO were not spared, either:

“QTUM is an aircoin. It is me who helped him promote the project for six months. Because his scamming mode is simple. If he decided to develop dApps first, I might have given no care.”                     

“NEO is a stupid project, worthless. If you were Wang Lijie (angel investor of NEO), you would have sold them at 1.5 RMB as he did. Later some big venture capital participated and hyped its price. Even Da Hongfei (founder of NEO) is holding very little NEO.”

TRON, NEO and QTUM are included in the list of five cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback.