China’s CCID Updates Blockchain Ranking, EOS is First

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development published its ranking of the best blockchain networks.

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), an entity that operates under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the eighth update of its Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI), according to a Friday press release. According to the GPBTAI, EOS ranked as the best blockchain platform, with a score of 155.1 points. Second place went to Ethereum, with a total score of 136.4. GXchain, Komodo, Ontology, NULS, Nebulas, BitShares, NEO, and Steem round out the top ten list. Bitcoin ranked only 18th, with 96.1 points.

Ontology ranked fourth in its debut. The public blockchain, launched in June of this year, relies on its proprietary VBFT consensus algorithm. Following the release of CCID’s index, the price of ONT increased by about 20% on Friday. Currently, as at 12:16 UTC, Ontology’s coin is trading at $0.80, up 5% for the day.

Since Friday, the price of EOS has added about 20%. While it is not clear whether the CCID ranking was the main driver, the EOS coin has gained nearly 6.44% during the last 24 hours according to Coinmarketcap. EOS is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and has almost doubled since its monthly low hit on December 7.

Other coins, such as Komodo, Nuls, and Waves, have also gained considerably since the release of the GPBTAI. However, the bullish moves haven’t been pushed by the CCID ranking alone. For example, Waves has added 157% since the beginning of the month on positive news. Last week, it announced that it had raised $120 million to deploy a private version of its Vostok platform, which is aimed at corporations and governments.

According to the CCID’s ranking, among the top 10 blockchain platforms, four public chains rely on the graphene architecture, six public chains apply the dPOS consensus mechanism, and seven of them support dApp development.

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