Litecoin (LTC) was not slow to grow with the rest of the pack, trading above $100 for the first time and in fact fulfilling most of the predictions for this price range before the end of the year.

LTC traded briefly around $100.02, before dropping back to $99, and added another 8% for the week. Starting the year with a price of around $2-$4, the low-priced version of Bitcoin has certainly shown strength, growing even more than the leading coin. It turns out 2017 might have been indeed "the year of the Rooster" on the Chinese calendar. Litecoin has been called "a chicken" for a long time before widespread adoption lifted its price by 2,000% in 2017.

Litecoin added more than 41% in the past seven days, which, surprisingly, was the strongest growth performance for the otherwise unassuming coin.

With the new price move, LTC once again took position 5 on CoinMarketCap, as DASH retreated a little toward $647.

Litecoin is becoming more popular in Asia, both as a tradable asset and a means of payment, as its network is still fast and cheap enough to offset the problems of Bitcoin. This time, once again the Korean markets took the lead, growing LTC to above $109.

Litecoin was slower to shoot up to the higher prices, as it is not actively pumped and promoted. Its creator, Charlie Lee, paid more attention to the Bitcoin wars. But it seems LTC remains rather closely paired with BTC.

Bitcoin, at the same time, was poised to almost add another $1,000 in a day, growing to $10,961.21

Because of the high price of Bitcoin, Litecoin starts to look like a rather useful smaller unit of BTC.

The coins that are often linked to Litecoin for their tests on the Lightning Network also rose. Decred (DCR) added another 10% to $63.18. Vertcoin (VTC) recovered to $5.42. The growth is part of an event seen as a "super moon" that has been going on for a few days now- a growth both in the price of Bitcoin and altcoins.