Capitalise Crypto Lets You Plan Like a Human and Trade Like a Machine

The project is a natural language cryptocurrency algo-trading platform that allows coding trading algorithms using plain English.

Fear, uncertainty, doubt and greed are inherent traits of the human nature and are massive hurdles to success. When it comes to trading in crypto, the market is extremely volatile and fast, and emotion intensify easily, not to mention the fact that crypto never sleeps and trading is possible 24/7.

This creates problems.

Human psychology is a major challenge, which is why nearly all investment and trading courses have a section devoted to mindset and trading psychology since it is vital to be able to separate emotions from facts and stick to a trading plan regardless of any external factors.

Despite such lessons, over 80% of investors lose their capital as greed and fear destroy discipline and force them to take irrational decisions. All major financial crashes, including the Great Depression, the dot com crash, and the most recent 2008 crisis, were inevitably intensified by panic and herding instinct.

Capitalise Crypto seeks to separate emotions from facts

Capitalise Crypto knows how to take the emotional component out of trading, without years of spiritual exercises and mental practices with talapoins. The project introduces the world's first natural language trading platform which allows users to write in plain English their own fully automated trading strategy.

This means you don't have to be a coding geek to use Capitalise to your advantage. Just tell the system what you want it to do and it will translate your instructions into algorithms and trading strategy that can be connected to any crypto exchange and will work the way you configured them 24/7.

It removes anxiety, impulsiveness and lack of discipline from the equation via an automated trading tool which understands plain English.

Cryptocurrency markets have a distinct advantage over stocks - they are always open. No weekends, no holidays, no interruptions. However, there is a cloud attached to this silver lining: traders cannot afford to be on the alert all the time, 24/7, not to miss an opportunity on the fast-moving crypto market. That's where Capitalise platform really shines as your automated trading strategy is constantly active, waiting for their trigger conditions that you specified in plain English.

Capitalise literally allows you to capitalize on your trading ideas in many ways.

For instance, Capitalise are working on the social component of the platform is in the development stage, and its primary aim is to put everyone on an equal footing by democratizing algorithm coding and creating a space where novice traders and veterans are only differentiated by their trading strategies, not tools. So, in the future, not only you could you set up algorithms and trading bots yourself, you could also share profitable algorithms with others for a share of the profits.

Capitalise’s key features at a glance

  • Keep emotions out of trading: Build robust strategies and run them simultaneously for maximum efficiency.
  • Never miss a trading opportunity: Your automated trading strategy works 24/7, scanning fast moving crypto markets for investment opportunities.
  • No coding required: Create algorithms in plain English and the system will understand what you want it to do. Now, algos and auto trading is available to everyone, regardless of coding prowess.
  • Third-party data integration via API: Build better strategies using comprehensive data integrations.
  • Social element and monetization: Profit from successful algorithms in various ways.

If you’re interested in Capitalise Crypto, you can learn more about the project on the official website, sign up for the public beta or join their Telegram to stay updated.