Canada’s Top Fighting eSports Tournament Develops Cryptocurrency

Canada Cup, an eSports company has developed its own cryptocurrency, the eSports ecosystem token.


Founded in 2010, Canada Cup is an eSports company at its core, hosting tournaments for various fighting games. Since its inception, Canada Cup has hosted many eSports tournaments and earned a reputation as a premier Canadian Fighting Game tournament—described by Motherboard as “the largest and most prestigious fighting game tournament” in Canada.

In the course of hosting tournaments for nearly a decade, Canada Cup identified a roadblock that prevented gamers from pursuing their passion: whilst some gamers are fortunate and skillful enough to make a full-time living from their passion for gaming, casual gamers do not have the opportunity to be rewarded in the same way. This segregation can be detrimental to the eSports ecosystem as it does not encourage casual gamers to develop and pursue their passion. This eventually led to the development of the eSports ecosystem token.

eSports ecosystem token

The advent of cryptocurrency provided the platform for a solution that could effectively empower all players, regardless of skill level. Whilst emerging cryptocurrency companies sought to foray into the niche gaming community, Canada Cup is a gaming community that seeks to leverage cryptocurrency to support and empower the community. Powered by Canada Cup, eSports ecosystem (ESE) is a digital currency that aims to become the standard cryptocurrency for all eSports. The aim is to empower all gamers by creating a digital eSports currency which will provide a medium to transfer value, compliment the current fiat payout structure, and reward both professional and casual players.

Support for the ecosystem is primarily achieved with funds from a community wallet that represents 17% of the initial supply of ESE tokens that is dedicated to giving back to the eSports ecosystem by adding to prize pools, sponsoring players & teams, donating to charities and gaming scholarships, and fund advertisements to bring awareness and growth to eSports.

The ESE token is intended to solve problems faced by the gaming community by:

  1. Complimenting fiat payouts by adding ESE tokens from the community wallet which would increase the value of the total prize pool to support professional gamers financially and make it easier to transition into a gaming career;
  2. Broadening payout structures to allow more players to reap rewards from tournaments - rewards are no longer limited to the top echelon of players, but can be extended to casual players due to an increased prize pool;
  3. Encouraging tournament organizers to continue hosting events by supporting these events financially with ESE tokens from the community wallet to ensure that these events are sustainable.

To provide additional financial support for gamers and the gaming community, holders of ESE tokens will also passively earn additional ESE tokens through a ‘staking rewards’ system, providing an additional source of income for gamers and organizers to fund their passions. On top of the staking rewards, an ESE Loyalty Nodes program designed to further reward loyal holders and stabilize the ESE token awards additional bonus percentages on top of the existing passive rewards for holders who continue to hold and accumulate ESE tokens.

Interested in ESE?

The ESE pre-sale opens in September 2018. To learn more information and keep up to date with the ICO, visit