Can Play2Live, Twitch’s Blockchain Competitor, Change the Future of Live Streaming Games & eSports?

Play2Live is the only streaming platform that offers a genuine one-stop-shop solution for all gamers and eSports fans, can it change the future via decentralization?

Blockchain-startup Play2Live offers a comprehensive ecosystem, rivaling industry leader Twitch, where streamers, viewers and eSports tournament organizers can interact with each other, create and monetize their content, launch crowdfunding campaigns for eSports competitions, and even influence the platform’s development.

What’s on offer?

As Play2Live aims to combine video streaming services, broadcast markets, and eSports and become a comprehensive solution for the industry, it has something to offer for all gaming and eSports ecosystem participants, including gamers, fans, tournament organizers and advertisers, both in terms of functionality and content monetization options.

Streamers and gamers get 11 monetization channels available right away. No need to wait until you build your subscriber base and get a certain number of views. Moreover, the native crowdfunding system will allow them to create diverse, and exclusive content from scratch and provide their subscribers with exclusive access to this content.

Fans and viewers get access to unique content and the ability to interact with their favorite gamers and influence the streaming process as a dedicated tasking system transforms them from passive consumers of the content into active participants of the show.

Moreover, viewers have numerous ways to earn rewards while watching their favorite content and disable ads if they don't want to be distracted from a stream or an eSports tournament.

Esport tournament organizers have handy tools to launch a crowdfunding campaign for any game tournament on the platform, which gives users additional capabilities to influence the content creation on the platform.

Why Play2Live stands out?

Play2Live is built around the Level Chain Up system. It's the core of the platform, based on an innovative distributive ledger and artificial intelligence technologies that define the key benefits of the platform.

Functionality: Due to blockchain technology, the platform offers users unparalleled functionality and comprehensive functions which cover all the needs of the ecosystem participants, starting with content creation and interaction to earning rewards and crowdfunding.

Development: The company creates and generates its own gaming and cyber sports content, which means that the system will be continuously developed and updated with new products and services.

Transparency and speed: Empowered by blockchain, Play2Live & Level Up Chain serves as a junction between streamers, esports players, viewers and advertisers creating a transparent environment or efficient cooperation.

Level Up Coin (LUC) token holders get additional benefits as it is the only payment unit accepted within the platform. It opens access to different monetization options, voting rights, exclusive streaming content, and interactivity tools.

Play2Live recently conducted their token sale and successfully met the hardcap of $30M. Now the public beta testing phase is on, and you can take the platform for a spin on their official website. As the platform continues to grow, it will be interesting to watch if it can compete with Twitch and draw gamers with its decentralized offerings.