Can CanYa Boost the Service Industry? ICO for P2P Services Platform Promises Much

CanYa is a decentralized platform for service providers and clients to connect seamlessly and set up trustless value exchanges without any middlemen.

What do you do when you want to get things done? Be it getting your garden landscaped, getting your website designed or having someone fix your roof – most people search online, refer to a particular service or contact professionals via different portals.

There are several problems in the way all this currently works. Firstly, there is no central portal that caters to all your service needs – you can’t hire a plumber from the same place you hire a marketing professional. One portal that gets you everything, would be a great place to start. 

Secondly, it is very challenging for clients to find capable and skilled service providers by simply looking at ratings and reviews online. A platform which can fix this, by providing a proper, merit based listing system, would be a major development for both clients and service providers.

CanYa fix it?

CanYa, a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace aims to fix these issues by providing clients and service providers a one-stop platform for all their service needs. The platform, which had test launches in two Australian cities (Darwin and Adelaide), is fully functional and now the team is looking forward to their ICO, which will mark a shift to CanYaCoins (CAN) powering the platform as a medium of exchange and an ability to launch the platform globally.

Not only does CanYa support hundreds of services, it also promotes a merit-based system, where the most skilled service providers can thrive and increase their revenues. The platform’s core is decentralization and trustless exchanges, which are powered by smart contracts and a hedged escrow service.

When a client books a service, he or she will be able to pay via a variety of cryptocurrencies, and the total amount will be stored in escrow. However, given how regular cryptocurrencies are volatile, the same amount will be secured with a hedge contract in a store-of-value cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Tether.

Once the provider has completed the job, the client releases the payment, and any differences in the escrow value are adjusted with the hedge contract, ensuring that the provider gets the exact agreed upon amount. Afterwards, the service provider can choose to trade the CanYaCoins for Bitcoin, Ether or other supported currencies. 

In order to promote a meritocracy, the CanYa platform takes a self-curating and balancing approach using 15 metrics to rank service providers, including skills, loyalty, profile views, response rates, engagement and referrals, among others.

CanYa Token Sale and Dolphin Tier

A total of 100,000,000 CanYaCoins will be created, 60,000,000 of which will be distributed in two sales, a private sale and a public sale.

The public sale is set to start on November 26, and will run for 30 days. An interesting approach by CanYa is the launch of their Dolphin Tier, which is an invite-only group, vetted by the CanYa team to include the most supportive, loyal and passionate members of the community. 

Those who successfully get accepted will be able to get CanYaCoins with a 40% bonus at a ratio of 1ETH for 1400 CAN (14 million token cap). Additionally, all Dolphins will be eligible for a draw to win exclusive CanYa Ledger Nano S hardware wallets and the top 50 contributors will also get Founder Edition minted CanYaCoins.

If you’re interested in becoming a CanYa Dolphin here are the instructions for participation: 

“Simply show your love of CanYa on Facebook, in your tweets, your reddit posts, your youtube shout-outs, your BitcoinTalk signatures, helping out in the CanYa Telegram channel or anything else you can think of; then show us what you’ve done!

We are rewarding the active members of our community so get involved and show us your hard work paying off. 

Apply for the Dolphin Tier here*:
Get Me Involved With The CanYa Dolphin Tier!” 

The Dolphin Tier will be available until the main sale starts, after which you can participate for 1ETH:1200 CAN till 4 million tokens are sold. The remaining 16 million will be sold at the rate of 1ETH:1000 CAN.

You can learn more about CanYa on their official website and sign up for the ICO by joining their whitelist.