Business.Club Builds Powerful Value-Transfer Token Network

The Business.Club model combines tokenization with constant access to assets, and allows for building an economy based on blockchain records.

Business.Club is a new integrated environment bringing together a proprietary blockchain, runtime virtual machine, and multiple tools for economic value transfer. The project arrives just in time for wider cryptocurrency adoption, as the Business.Club apps are preparing for launch in December.

The Business.Club project is led by Tim Odermatt, an experienced business leader from Switzerland. Business.Club is a fully legal entity, owned and operated by Blockchain Business Solutions with a Republic of Malta under the number C -92788.

Business.Club Blockchain carries the native asset, Business Club Token (BCT). The asset allows for multiple transparent and low-cost payments, while also affording passive income when held in a wallet. Passive income also comes from referrals, to which there are seven tiers, with rewards ranging from 0.1% commission to as high as 7% commission at tier 7.

The BTC asset also serves as a tool to distribute some of the profits from all Business.Club activities. For the end user, merely storing BCT in their Active Wallet, brings a constant flow of rewards.

“Every single BCT owned generates profit, but minimum deposit to Active Wallet is 250 BCT. The more BCT you have, the larger is your daily and monthly profit generated by your Active Wallet,” the White Paper suggests.

BCT transactions charge 0.25% of the amount of each transfer, as income is accrued based on subscriptions, sales, commissions or other economic transfers within the Business.Club system. Storing a minimum of 250 BCT starts the accruing of profits, but different tiers offer much higher returns.

The BCT ecosystem allows for practically limitless value transfers. The Active Wallet allows access to the funds at any time, with the exception of a 45-day period during which a withdrawal levies a 15% fee. But beyond that period, withdrawals are free and without limitations. The Active Wallet is completely controlled by the user, and relies on cryptographic protection to secure the funds, as they are not centrally controlled.

Staking BCT for predetermined periods also unlocks the possibility to receive special-issue VISA cards. Holding onto BCT for a 180-day period not only unlocks rewards, but opens access to one of the five types of Business Club payment cards. Users can also gain access to the free VISA Leaf Green Debit Card. The issuance of cards will only happen after the completion of holding periods, pending the granting of a Malta Financial Services Authority Licence.

In addition to the wallet, Business.Club builds a social network accounts to further boost business connections and offer more earnings opportunities. The BTC token will be initially available only through an internal token sale, until 720 billion tokens are distributed. The token distribution event will run throughout 2020, until the final supply is reached.

To boost security and achieve stability and liquidity, after the BCT reaches its final supply, it will be released to trade on exchanges. All Active Wallet holders will also have a grace period to sell their tokens back to Business.Club for $1 each. Business.Club envisions gradually growing demand for its ecosystem, which may continue after the launch to exchanges.

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