BTG Pool Shuts Down Due to Losses

The problems for Bitcoin Gold never stop, and now BTG Pool has closed forever, losing relatively small miner payouts, but pointing out the faults in the project.

Bitcoin Gold is a coin still quite far from the attention of investors, but it certainly caught the eye of miners for easy potential block rewards by joining in early. The reality proved different, as mining proved unprofitable due to high difficulty, as well as technical problems and unannounced forks. 

Users of BTG Pool would lose the small rewards accrued in the past few days. MinerTopia, the pool creator, cited losses and confusion as the reason to close down mining: 

In addition, the official has also faced criticism for unclear rewards.

Users are still reporting issues with wallets and slow confirmation times. At the same time, exchange rates for Bitcoin Gold are extremely volatile, a mix of possibly dumping some of the pre-mined coins or futures and an attempt at pumping the price. 

At the moment, Bitcoin Gold has a reported price of $175, up around 22% in the past seven days. Trading is thin, mostly supported by Bitfinex and YoBit. For now, Bitcoin Gold remains a coin in limbo, a long way ahead to prove its technological stability and price potential.  

There is some talk of waiting out to see Bitcoin Gold climb up the charts and make claims to a better position, but for now, it is almost invisible. 

Yet Bitcoin Gold is gaining some acceptance, with a listing on Changelly. And while the coin started off with many problems, the "Bitcoin" brand may be working for it, despite the technical glitches: 

And HitBTC has been open for deposits of BTG, now that some real coins have been mined aside from the pre-mine of the team. However, slow confirmation time may be causing problems for Changelly and other exchanges and trading platforms. 

The Coinomi wallet has also overcome some hurdles to synchronize with the blockchain and display user balances. The next few weeks will show how Bitcoin Gold fares, in its usual approach to fixing things at the eleventh hour.