Breaking: Vitalik Buterin Considering Google? Asks Followers if He Should Leave Ethereum for Tech Giant

The founder of Ethereum was approached by Google in a recruitment effort, according to a tweet by Buterin with a screenshot of the email.


A now-deleted tweet by Vitalik Buterin shows that he may have actually been considering leaving the Ethereum project to join Google’s staff.

The creator of Ethereum posted a poll on Twitter asking his followers if he should “drop Ethereum and work for Google,” with a screenshot of an email that was sent to him by a member of Google staff asking if he would like to join the company.

He might have deleted the tweet because he failed to censor the sender’s email address, which we did before posting the “screenshot of a screenshot.”

Elizabeth Garcia is an on-site engineering recruiter at Google, as her profile on LinkedIn reads, and worked in the past at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce as an interview coach.

It is no mistake that this email was sent to Buterin, as Google finds itself at odds with several companies that have chosen to pursue blockchain technology while the tech giant appears somewhat left behind.

A number of ex-employees of the company have even founded their own group to support the development of blockchain endeavors.

Named “xGoogler Blockchain Alliance,” the community aims to help any “ex-Googlers” build up their own blockchain ambitions. This group was started by a bunch of former employees who have already established their own companies in the blockchain space.

In its ever-present habit of acquisition, Google may have thought to recruit Vitalik Buterin for blockchain projects of its own to help the company get ahead of the competition.

Insiders from Google have already confirmed that the company is looking into blockchain technology but didn’t provide many details on the subject.

“Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain, but it’s too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans,” a spokesperson said.