Blockchain-Powered Gaming Service Extends Its Global Footprint

DMarket is a gaming service which leverages blockchain technology to help monetize games. The company is now increasing its global presence as part of its expansion plans.

DMarket, an in-game items monetization technology and service company, recently opened its third international office in London, United Kingdom.

A few days later, DMarket announced its support for the upcoming release of a collectible card mobile game called DHeroes. Сards in the game represent top video game bloggers from all over the world, and the total audience of the represented bloggers is close to 30 million people.

In this way, the company that leverages blockchain technology to take digital asset trading to a whole new level is extending its global footprint across regions as well as the gaming industry segments.

Conquering New Regions

DMarket, which raised more than $19 million during its ICO a year ago, already has an established presence around the world with representative offices in the USA (Santa Monica) and Ukraine (Kyiv). They employ approximately 200 business and technology professionals.

With the move to open the office in London, DMarket is extending its presence across Europe and is expediting the growth of its global trading system. Simplified documentation flow and a new location will increase DMarket’s value to European game developers.

“We see this as a very important step in DMarket’s development,” said CEO and Founder of DMarket Vlad Panchenko. “Europe is one of the main markets for us and we have chosen London as the most dynamic and tech-savvy European city to simplify operational work with our European partners and customers.”

DMarket’s first office in Western Europe will be headed by CFO and co-founder, Tamara Slanova.  “I’ve been working with the European market for the past decade,” she commented. “It’s a big challenge yet a huge opportunity for DMarket to intensify our business processes with our partners and build new alliances.”

Localization of the DMarket platform into different languages is another side of the company’s global expansion. The platform enables gamers from all over the world to securely buy, sell, and exchange virtual items from video games. For now, it is available in English and Russian but DMarket claims that seven more languages will be added by the end of the year at the latest. They include Korean, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

Winning New Supporters

As for DHeroes, it is the first game supported by the company and yet another DMarket contribution to the gaming industry.

“Wide-ranging support for creative and promising gaming projects is part of DMarket’s global strategy. Our vast expertise in the games industry, unique technology and service will help monetize DHeroes and significantly expand its audience,” said Vlad Panchenko.

Players will buy, sell, and exchange DHeroes cards using DMarket’s blockchain-based marketplace. Given that the target audience of the game numbers millions of YouTube subscribers, it can significantly intensify trading on DMarket which is currently concentrated around in-game skins integrated from the Steam marketplace (CS:GO and Dota 2 games). Even without DHeroes, the number of active DMarket users has been recently skyrocketing by over 50% from month to month.

In any case, DHeroes will give game developers a concrete example how they can monetize their titles with DMarket. As an in-game items monetization technology and service, DMarket provides developers with solutions and tools for generating and increasing their revenue from in-game purchases and subsequent resales of purchased items by players. For indie game developers, this has been a game-changer as they can now finance their passion even without the help of leading publishers. But this doesn’t mean that mainstream game development companies can’t enjoy the same benefits.

At present, there are thousands of independent game studios around the world, and these can be made up of individuals, small groups, teams, or even large corporations. Now they also have an equal opportunity to get their own piece of the pie. The gaming market currently has up to 2.4 billion active users, and the indie gaming segment continues to grow by leveraging multiple gaming platforms.

Whenever game developers leverage the company’s API to connect their games to DMarket’s in-game item marketplace, all transactions and ownership of virtual items will be secured by blockchain.

DHeroes will be the next game connected to DMarket, as the company is creating the global monetizing and trading ecosystem that seems lucrative for both game developers and gamers. Pursuing this goal, DMarket partners with notable game developers like 4A Games, GSC Game World, Kiss Ltd., Tatem Games, and the planet’s leading game development platform, Unity. Video games industry company Xsolla also got on board to help make in-game items monetization a seamless process for the whole gaming community.