Blockchain Initiative Gives ETH Rewards for Cleaning Philippine Beaches

Bounties Network and ConsenSys Social Impact have joined hands for an environmental rehabilitation initiative aimed at saving the Philippines’ beaches by rewarding volunteers with Ether.

Bounties Network, a decentralized application (dApp) developed on the Ethereum platform, and ConsenSys Social Impact, a provider of blockchain solutions for social change, are rewarding the public with Ether (ETH) for cleaning some of the most polluted beaches in the Philippines.

In a series of Twitter posts, Bounties Network said the blockchain collaboration (Bounties for the Oceans: Philippines Pilot – Sustained, Verifiable Plastic Cleanups) is an alternative model for funding ecological campaign by transparently rewarding those involved in environmental rehabilitation through a public ledger on the Ethereum network.

“We’re in Manila working on the #BountiesfortheOcean cleanup project," tweeted user Nathan My Way Downtown.

The project aims to provide incentives to the local community to initiate clean-ups to save their environment without waiting for a centralized organization to lead the way.

Bounties Network tweeted:

“People in the developed world don’t realize how important financial incentives are in a place like the #Philippines. The people here care about making an impact, so this type of initiative will mobilize entire communities."

One participant in the event, Ben Siegel, posted on the second day of the campaign to say he was “excited to continue exploring how the gig economy” could democratize social impact.

User Cheryl Douglass (@cherdougy) explained how incredible it was to see the energy and keenness of people in the Philippines to learn about the entire process: setting up a digital wallet on @TrustWalletApp, fulfilling a bounty on @ethBounties, getting paid in ETH, and liquidating into Philippine peso on

Bounties Network thanked everyone who participated, contributed funds, volunteered, and collaborated on creating “what was an awe-inspiring and motivating #BountiesfortheOceans pilot!”

A similar initiative was launched in August by a group of Philippine environmentalists who plan to use blockchain to save the country’s rivers and seas, particularly the heavily polluted Pasig River.

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