Blockchain Healthcare Platform Teams up With Philippine Hospital

HEX Innovation signed a partnership deal with the University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center in the Philippines to share information in the development of a blockchain-focused healthcare platform.

Blockchain-enabled healthcare platform HEX Innovation Ltd. has teamed up with the Philippine-based hospital University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center (UPHDMC) to work on blockchain-focused healthcare platform development in addition to supporting infrastructure for platform advancement and the expansion of medical data and radiation dose knowledge.

The agreement came after HEX Innovation chief executive officer Sammy Kwok led a Philippine roadshow targeting the country’s top health officials as well as major hospitals in Manila. During the briefing session, UPHDMC answered the call to advance medical services through blockchain technology, the company said in a statement.

HEX Innovation chief marketing officer (CMO) Alexander Richards, commented, “We have built trust for mutual understanding regarding the Philippines medical process and healthcare blockchain technology through the briefing sessions with Ministry of Health, Philippines and major private and national hospitals in the Philippines.”

The company said UPHDMC is a wise choice as a partner because the hospital holds a Level 4 hospital grade and is regarded as one of the best hospitals in the Philippines with qualified services.

In July, the Hong Kong-based company introduced its blockchain technology platform for medical information at a summit in Bangkok, Thailand, to showcase how it could integrate information on a blockchain platform will all the patient’s medical records, radiation doses, and other important medical details using international standards.

“Attempts have been made to use blockchain in order to protect information of individuals safely, but it has been pointed out that the performance degrades as the data size increases due to the characteristics of the blockchain.”, the company said then.

Another Filipino healthcare company called Cool Kids entered into a partnership with Boston-based SimplyVital Health blockchain group to identify opportunities in healthcare. The partnership with SimplyVital Health allows Cool Kids to tap the HIPAA-compatible Health Nexus protocol, which aims to identify Philippine healthcare opportunities with the highest impact.

Meanwhile, HEX Innovation strategic partner TPLUS announced it had inked a deal with South Korean healthcare platform Carelabs to collaborate on medical data services advancement, consultation services for personal healthcare management operations and development, and other healthcare related initiatives.

Carelabs’ Goodoc, which is focused on providing data from drug stores and hospitals operating in South Korea, has received positive feedback from service users who credited the company’s simple user experience and convenience.

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