Blockchain-Delivered Marriage Certificates Stir Excitement in a Nevada County

In less than eight months, Washoe County issued 950 digital certificates via utilizing distributed ledger solutions.

Washoe County, the second-most populous county in Nevada, has become the first place to deliver blockchain-powered digital versions of marriage certificates in the United States. The local authorities issued 950 certificates via distributed ledger technology (DLT) until early December 2018, Reno Gazette-Journal reported on Monday.

Washoe County launched the blockchain project in April 2018 with the trial period continued to June. Now every couple receives a DLT version of their marriage certificates along with the paper document. According to Hunter Halcomb, a department systems technician with Washoe County, most of the people had given positive feedback as blockchain enables authorities to deliver the certificates for around a day compared to 7-10 working days for a digital certificate in a PDF format. Moreover, as Nevada’s laws ban additional charges for digital copies of administrative documents, the blockchain project delivers significant cost saving to the local budget.

The authorities do not plan to issue a blockchain version of the marriage licenses as the permits must be obtained only in-person at the county’s clerk office.

“Reno [Washoe County administrative seat], historically, has seen a lot of people come to get married here,” Halcomb told Reno Gazette-Journal.

“So we send a high number of certificates out of state.”

Washoe County issues the blockchain marriage certificates with the DLT startup Titan Seal, which uses the Ethereum network. Due to the success of the project, the county considers using blockchain for a possible record recovery system in case of a disaster.

“Once something is set in a blockchain, it’s actually better than being set in stone,” Dhingra explained.

“Even if the entire Internet disappears, a copy of the Ethereum blockchain will exist in a computer somewhere. Some random computer somewhere can have a copy of the blockchain.”

Elko County, Nevada, has recently launched a pilot project for delivering a digital version of birth certificates via DLT solutions.

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