Blockchain App Factory Helps Three Real Estate Firms Tokenize Assets Worth $225M

Blockchain App Factory, a blockchain and security token-oriented firm located in Singapore, said that it helped three clients tokenize their assets.

Singapore-based Blockchain App Factory, a blockchain-oriented firm that recently turned to security tokens, is currently managing three deals worth a total of $225 million. The company said that it is helping three clients operating in the real estate market to tokenize their assets and raise funds, a process referred to as Security Token Offering (STO). The STO deals came shortly after Blockchain App Factory launched its asset tokenization platform, which can digitize real estate assets, venture capital funds, art, and other types of assets.

Blockchain App Factory previously offered a wide range of blockchain solutions and now provides STO services. It has a team consultants with relevant experience in the auditing, finance, and law to help it tokenize the clients’ asset in a compliant manner.

Ramkumar Subramaniam, Blockchain App Factory co-founder and Sales Director, commented:

“STOs' key focus is on the regulations' sphere, albeit, technology will also follow suit to help the industry thrive. Our team of developers with adept technical know-how has developed tokens that are regulatory compliant, across jurisdictions.”

The company noted that investors are demonstrating less interest in initial coin offerings (ICOs) as they turn their attention to security tokens, which are regulated and backed by real-world assets. Also, these new form of blockchain-based tokens ensures faster transactions, higher transparency, and lower costs than traditional financial tools.

Subramaniam said:

“Though a standardization in token protocols is much needed, we believe that it must be carried out on blockchains such as Hyperledger and Stellar.”

Last month, we reported that Blockchain App Factory had launched its STO-in-a-Box solution. The company has previously helped entities tokenize their assets, but thanks to the new service, it now provides the full suite of security token solutions.

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