BlitzPredict Runs Prediction Market on Stox Platform; Users to Predict Amount of ETH ICO Will Raise

BlitzPredict ICO has started a prediction market on Stox, allowing users to guess the amount of ETH it will raise.

BlitzPredict, an upcoming ICO, has decided to leverage Stox, the blockchain-powered prediction markets platform to harness the wisdom of crowds and have users predict the amount of ETH the token sale will raise.

The prediction market opened on January 29 and is live until February 4, since the BlitzPredict ICO is scheduled for the next day, February 5, 2018.

BlitzPredict essentially aims to utilize blockchain technology to improve sports betting by creating a platform that aggregates odds, comparisons, tips and other information and allows bettors to use its native cryptocurrency, BPZ, to place secure bets.

Additionally, the platform will utilize smart contracts to automate betting payouts and allow users to set certain conditions or triggers, which when met, will result in bets being placed.

The Stox platform had earlier started an ICO predictions category and managed to successfully predict the under 2-hour sell-out of InsurePal, another ICO, which sold out within 2 minutes.

Utilizing the wisdom of crowds, prediction markets on Stox can yield largely accurate results by avoiding small-group biases and taking a diverse set of global users which deliver a collective judgment.

By participating in the prediction markets on the platform, users can win real STX tokens as well as bonus tokens from the partner ICOs. For the BlitzPredict market, successful predictions can win 6000 STX and 122,000 BPZ tokens.

In order to participate, you can create an account on and start predicting outcomes for any of the available markets.

You can also purchase real STX tokens from multiple exchanges, including HitBTC, Liqui, Kucoin, and EtherDelta. At the time of writing STX is trading at $0.59, and you can store your tokens in any ERC20 compatible wallet, such as MyEtherWallet.