Bittrex Plans ETC and XRP Trading in USD

Users of Bittrex may soon buy and sell new cryptocurrencies using their dollars.

Bittrex, one of the largest fiat-to-crypto exchanges in the United States, is about to enter the Ripple and Ethereum Classic markets with US dollar pairs for both. As its trading volumes are over $56 million, this might spark some new activity for both cryptocurrencies as US-based traders begin stocking up on coins.

“We’re going to continue adding tokens to our USD markets, providing our customers with even more convenient, fast and secure trading options as well as access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects,” the exchange said in a statement.

According to the company, the launch will occur on August 20 and will add to the already-established trading pairs for BTC, ETH, USDT, and TUSD.

After the hard fork of Ethereum that came as a result of an attack in which some vulnerabilities in the network were exposed via the DAO project, Ethereum Classic took shape as an original flavor of the blockchain for those who were against the move.

Within only a few days, it seemed as if though ETC was doomed to remain in obscurity. However, more recently, the price of the coin has been growing both due to speculative interest and the possibility to continue the legacy of Ethereum.

Proponents of ETC say that the Ethereum hard fork was an “arbitrary tampering of transactions,” giving rise for the reason why this unaltered blockchain exists. The listing of this coin next to ETH in Bittrex further pushes the legitimacy of the project forward.

In its announcement, the exchange did not provide a reason for its fiat pair inclusion into the fiat market, but this is likely to has come out of market demand. The same goes for Ripple, a cryptocurrency that has been silently getting fiat trading pairs on other exchanges for the last several months.