Bitpanda Most Likely to Add TRON (TRX) as Next Community Asset

A new selection of assets was proposed for voting, with TRX taking the lead.

Bitpanda, the Austrian cryptocurrency broker, opened voting for its next asset in line, with TRON (TRX) taking the lead. At one point, Dogecoin (DOGE) had gathered enough votes to be at the top, but the TRX asset is starting to receive greater support.

The voting will continue over the weekend, with DOGE remaining in second position. Basic Attention (BAT), one of the booming tokens, is lagging so far, although it remains a probable addition to Bitpanda in the future.

TRX is a relatively low-priced asset that has rarely rallied above $0.030 in the past months. The network is gaining in influence and is one of the most active supporters of distributed apps for media content and gaming.

While Bitpanda is a relatively smaller broker, the addition of new assets for direct purchase in Europe means expansion of projects that were not as easy to acquire. More than 66 billion TRX are in circulation, with a significant amount locked away with the TRON Foundation.

On Friday, the TRX market price hovered around $0.026. The other contender, BAT, reached valuations of $0.37 as the token is rallying based on its usage as a reward through the Android users of the Brave browser.

The Golem (GNT) proposal is still gathering a small fraction of the votes.

The addition of TRX means Bitpanda will support a new type of network, potentially opening the gates for TRON-based tokens, including BitTorrent Token (BTT). The other prominent asset would be the TRON-based Tether (USDT), an asset designed for lower fees and faster transactions. The new form of USDT also promises significant rewards to early adopters.

Bitpanda has significantly expanded its selection of tokens, gradually adding new types of networks and adding deposit and withdrawal facilities beyond its native wallets. Recently, the broker received a Payment Services license from the European Union, allowing it to offer more innovative products.

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