Bitcoin SV (BSV) Releases New Logo, Claims to be “Original Bitcoin”

Ten years after the start of Bitcoin (BTC) mining, a new asset claims to better reflect the vision of the original digital currency.

Bitcoin SV (BSV), a digital asset created less than two months ago, used Bitcoin’s birthday to rebrand itself and even stake its claim on “the original Bitcoin” title.

BSV, which appeared after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, refused to take the updates of the Bitcoin ABC team, choosing instead to follow another path. It stopped challenging the Bitcoin Cash network and set its sights on the leading coin, Bitcoin.

The claim that a coin best reflects Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision has been made before, paradoxically by Bitcoin Cash as well. But Bitcoin remains a more conservative network, with careful updates controlled by the Bitcoin Core developer team.

However, Bitcoin SV will chart a different course with support from several groups of developers.

“For 2019, the bComm Association is dedicated to support technical efforts for massive on-chain scaling of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  BSV has already seen the world’s largest blocks – 65 and 64MB – ever mined on a public blockchain.  The bComm Association will work with the BCH Professional Stress Test team, nChain and others to further test the BSV blockchain’s throughput capacity, and demonstrate Satoshi Vision is the correct roadmap to much bigger blocks and big enterprise use,” the bComm Association said in an official release.

BSV has managed to gather technical support, with dedicated wallets and services, becoming one of the youngest coins with a complete ecosystem. The asset is listed on more than 50 exchanges, making it much more liquid compared to other hard forks of Bitcoin.

Following the rebrand, the BSV price remained relatively stagnant at around $88. Volumes continue to be relatively low - some $100 million in 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is still the leading asset in terms of market price and volumes, but BSV is quickly attracting supporters.

BSV has a strong presence on Binance, as well as representation on other new exchanges and a significant share of Tether (USDT) influence. It also has the support of the CoinGeek mining pool and other important miners, meaning the network is seen as stable and independent.

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