Bitcoin is Freedom of Money; Private Keys are the Future, says Bobby Lee at NEXT BLOCK

Bitcoin is freedom of money and private keys are the future of ownership, says Bobby Lee at the ongoing NEXT BLOCK conference in Ukraine.

NEXT BLOCK conference, in Ukraine, kicked off today with a keynote speech by BTCFoundation board member and BTCC co-founder, Bobby Lee, who spoke about asset ownership, the future of money and how that’s changing with mathematics, cryptography and Bitcoin.

Giving the example of property, which is owned via ‘identity’, and daily items, which are owned by ‘possession’, Bobby highlighted the fact that people do not typically control their assets. The same is the case with money, which is ultimately under control by banks and governments.

However, with Bitcoin, the main notion is freedom of money and control over your finances and assets. Anyone who controls his or her own private keys, is already in the future, said Bobby.

“You are the lucky people [those with their own private keys] in this whole room, who actually have control of your money...your assets.”

Bobby went on to give examples of governmental control over finances, such as the Bank of Cyprus example, where, in order to balance deficits, the government decided to take money from ‘rich’ account holders, having more than EUR 100,000.

Ultimately, Bobby believes Bitcoin and digital currencies are the future, and even though today they are a novelty, they will be commonplace years from now, and the next generations will be well versed with setting up their own digital currency accounts and controlling their private keys.

However, the BTCC-founder thinks that governmental regulations will only get stricter, but Bitcoin is unregulatable, and will not succumb to such measures.

Bobby also shared his usual, four Bitcoin investment mistakes, which are:

  • Indecisiveness to Make Investment
  • Not Buying Enough
  • Selling After Just a Small Gain
  • Selling During a Panic Crash

You can learn more about NEXT BLOCK at their official website, or view the live stream here.