Bitcoin Gold: No Replay Protection?

The Bitcoin Gold hard fork has had quite an effect on the Bitcoin market- but the project looks even messier, with a desperate last-minute developers bounty for replay protection. It seems the hard fork happened without a replay protection in place.

The Bitcoin Gold hard fork uses a venerable name and seems to be creating a total mess out of the project. The latest thread on the GitHub repository shows that just days before the hard fork, Bitcoin Gold was looking for a developer to write the replay protection section of the code. 

Replay protection is a feature that would disallow the spending of Bitcoin Gold to be reflected on the two existing blockchains- that is, sending the new coin should not trigger the sending of the same amount of Bitcoin on the old network.

The latest suggestions and problems on building the replay protection module happened just hours away from the fork. 

But perhaps the best thing that could save Bitcoin Gold is the few days of test net activity. Bitcoin Gold does not go live now, after the planned split at block 491,407 of the Bitcoin blockchain. It would have a test period and maybe come live on November 1. 

Unfortunately, even with a bounty of 250 Bitcoin Gold coming from the pre-mine reserve, only a faulty version of replay protection was created. The GitHub threads show no hope of resolving the issue, and there were calls to postpone the hard fork to a later block.

In addition, Bitcoin Gold is met with more skepticism by wallets and exchanges. Exodus wallet stated that while users will be entitled to coins, it has no plans to support the new asset. Bittrex has stated technical difficulties as the main reason not to list Bitcoin Gold, and thus deprive it of a large source of liquidity.

"When considering adding tokens to Bittrex exchange we look at the risks involved. Bitcoin Gold does not satisfy our criteria for safety for our users."

Bitcoin Gold tried to take on the massive mining industry by transferring the mining to GPUs. But only in a week we'll see if the project works as intended, as mining is suspended for now.