Bitcoin Gold: Mining Off to a Troublesome Start, No Rewards

While Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are having a mining tug of war with large-scale ASIC pools and strategic interests, Bitcoin Gold is mining is struggling to take off and produce rewards.

Bitcoin Gold is far from shining- the launch of its mining pool came with a glitch, just like the hard fork came unprepared, with large parts of the code missing. A few blocks have been produced, but for now, the only coins that may exist are the pre-mined 100,000 BTG. The team claims they are now working on fixing the problem of mining and receiving the payouts.

Bitcoin Gold still trades thinly, mostly on experimental exchanges with small volumes. But the news of the real blockchain starting lifted the price for a while to $471 before dropping back to $238. The weekend pump was a far-away echo of the Bitcoin Cash move, and was mostly caused by the hype around the release of the main net.

New miners are using the Supernova pool, while complaining that the payout rate is rather low for the new coin. There are currently no signs of mining with lowered difficulty to achieve the pre-mine of 100,000 BTG for the developers' team.

Miners also had troubles with a mining pool not paying out and mining incorrectly using the official BTG mining pool,

At one point, seemed to be mining the wrong blockchain in error. The Slack channel also complained that may have been a scam, with attached in-browser mining as well. 

There is no detailed information on mining distribution, although users have noticed what looks like a large entity with high mining power, in practice disrupting the BTG idea of "One GPU, One vote".

Other glitches and problems are reported, such as undiscoverable BTG balances after the hard fork. Also, users cannot discover full nodes. 

So far, Bitcoin Gold has shown its style relies on last-minute interventions, but it remains to be seen if the code written would hold and not lead to losses.