Bitcoin Cash is a busy project, mostly driven by the developments at Bitcoin ABC, one of the leading developer teams. The most important and widely expected addition would be the new address format for BCH wallets. Previously, the Bitcoin Cash address format had caused troubles for mis-spending Bitcoins, and required a difficult roundabout solution with the help of miners.

As of January 1, a new release has presented the different address format for BCH: 

Bitcoin Cash is doing anything possible to establish itself as a "digital cash", with ease of payment. The community is advised to spend the asset instead of holding it. But paradoxically, Bitcoin Cash is also seen as an investment, with a great upside to growth and a chance at displacing Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash mining continues to stabilize and invite more pools, despite the lack of great peaks in mining. At the moment, the profitability of the BCH blockchain is almost on par with that of Bitcoin, and pools have settled with BCH without leaving in case of higher difficulty.

Still, the market price is struggling, and growth is still limited by rapid shakedowns, in addition to continuing bad publicity. The Bitcoin Cash price is also depressed due to the influx of smaller, lower-priced digital assets, where investors see faster returns in addition to more promising technology.

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But for Bitcoin Cash, merchant adoption increases slowly, with the latest addition of BCH payments into the PrestaShop payment system. An easy-to-install module was unrolled for merchants, allowing for direct payments of cryptocurrency into a wallet, without third party processing.

Recently, Roger Ver claimed that BCH would have no trouble handling an increased transaction load: 

At the same time, Bitcoin is still having more than 110,000 unverified transactions, and the backlog continues to affect services like Changelly, Shapeshift and at some points, wallets with built-in exchanges like Exodus and Jaxx.