Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Developer Amaury Sechet Renews Claim of Being Satoshi Nakamoto

Amaury Sechet (@deadalnix), the chief developer of Bitcoin ABC, claims he has cryptographic proof of being the creator of Bitcoin, his allegations sparking additional skepticism and an immediate reaction from Craig Wright.

Amaury Sechet reiterated his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto in a tweet posted early on Monday. The lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, the central development team for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has promised undisputable evidence but has yet to deliver it.

The claim immediately drew a reaction from Craig Wright, who also alleges to be the creator of Bitcoin (BTC). So far, neither has presented irrefutable evidence, which would be a movement of coins from wallets where Satoshi Nakamoto’s early rewards remain unspent.

Earlier, Sechet claimed he had a message signed in a way that could only belong to the mysterious Bitcoin creator.

On Twitter, @deadalnix revealed an encrypted message, but without the actual text and the hash used to encrypt it, it is impossible to say whether he owns any of the Satoshi Nakamoto cryptographic credentials. Additionally, Sechet used Pastebin to demonstrate the usage of the public key of the genesis block to sign a message. However, skeptics say this technique is insufficient, potentially creating bogus messages that cannot prove ownership of the Bitcoin private keys. A StackExchange post explains how a signing can be faked.

Skeptics also posted a tool that would allow anyone to build fake Elliptic Curve Digital Signature (ECDS).

For the reasons listed above, Sechet’s claims are not taken seriously, nor are Wright’s previous assertions of his having used a signature belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Staking a claim on Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity has been used to legitimize ideas on how the Bitcoin network should develop in the future. BTC has remained relatively conservative, while Bitcoin Cash has been fighting for its own approach of using slightly larger blocks, and Bitcoin SV (BSV) favors much larger blocks. Sechet sides with the current BCH version, while Wright supports Bitcoin SV and its idea of trusted miners and large blocks.

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