Biscuit and TRON (TRX) Bring Knight Story, Sequel to EOS Knights

The TRON network will take over one of the most successful EOS-based games.

TRON (TRX) has partnered with Biscuit to issue the Knight Story blockchain game, a sequel to the successful EOS Knights, the companies announced in a statement for Cryptovest.

EOS Knights, rebranded to Knight Story, was one of the most successful blockchain-based games in terms of daily active users and transaction count. At peak activity, the game was played by 6,000 users worldwide, and brought in daily revenues of $20,000.

Now, from December 2019, the Knight Story game will also be available on the TRON blockchain, another platform offering speedy free transactions. Biscuit, the production team behind the game, decided on the blockchain migration to make use of features only available through the TRON network. With the move, Biscuit aims to build an even larger audience.

Jay Lee, CEO of Biscuit says, “We are very excited to partner with TRON and we’re eager to see Knight Story thrive on the TRON network. This collaboration will help us to realize Biscuit’s mission and continue to innovate games using blockchain technology.”

TRON, on its side, will promote Knight Story through its multiple partnerships, such as BitTorrent and the Opera browser. TRON will aim at high publicity, to expand the user base of Knight Story.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON & BitTorrent says, “There has never been a decentralized game of this scale before. Biscuit’s successful rollout of blockchain gaming for mainstream audiences marks a turning point for the space. I want to thank Biscuit for their hard work and passion for blockchain. Together, we will progress mass adoption of blockchain for everyone.”

Biscuit has managed to achieve a total of 66 million transactions on the EOS network. However, limitations for RAM usage, and the more difficult creation of accounts, is one of the setbacks. TRON is among the blockchains with the most robust growth of users, and the addition of a fully developer multi-player quest game may add another “killer app” to the mix.

Biscuit is a team dedicated to mixing classical gaming with the potential to record events on the blockchain.

The TRX market price has stabilized around $0.015, giving the project a rare valuation above $1 billion. However, decreased speculative interest in altcoins for now leaves TRX at a stagnant price. However, transaction and distributed app growth continues.

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