Binance.US Explores 18 New Tokens

The exchange is among the more active US-based exchanges, so far managing to expand its presence.

Binance.US is showing signs of traction, and is looking at adding 18 new assets in addition to the original trading pairs. The exchange, a partner of the Binance international market, is reintroducing altcoins for US buyers where other exchanges are failing.

Binance.US now hosts more than $2.5 million in daily trading, where HBUS, the US division of Huobi, which is folding this December 15 due to low volumes.

Among the most curious selections for listing are Tezos (XTZ), Komodo (KMD), as well as TRON (TRX), which will gain a US debut. Binance.US keeps its right to make a decision on listing the new assets, as proposed in a recent blog posting. Some of the proposed assets have a dubious status as fitting the US Securities and Exchange Commission test for being securities, and Binance.US is being cautious to avoid overstepping legal boundaries.

Binance.US is also starting to unroll trading discounts for Binance Coin (BNB). After the news, the exchange reached a volume above $3.4 million per day, with the most activity in the Bitcoin (BTC) market. BNB still sees relatively low volumes around $55,000 per day, trading at $15.03 on the US-based market.

Binance recently marked diminished volumes on its international platform, back down to $730 million per day. Still, the exchange is among activity leaders, and offers liquidity for a handful of altcoin projects.

The most recent crisis for Binance included one of its IEO tokens, Matic Network (MATIC). The token price stopped its rapid crash, sinking to $0.018.

It turned out MATIC dumped significantly even before a FUD tweet was spread. Still, the MATIC team denied dumping its locked coins, and the crash was mostly due to natural trading action. MATIC also increased significantly to a peak of $0.04 before erasing above 70% of its value.

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