Binance Exchange Lists Dusk Network (DUSK) Token After Generous Donation

The Dusk Network Token (DUSK) was listed after a generous donation to the Binance Foundation.

Binance continues to expand its token listings, most recently adding Dusk Network (DUSK). Based on the full disclosure, the listing was allowed after Binance received a generous donation from the project:

“The Dusk Network team will donate 3,012 BNB to the Blockchain Charity Foundation in appreciation for this listing,” Binance shared.

DUSK trading will start with the full array of pairings, including against leading stablecoins. This would boost the liquidity of DUSK and enter a new price discovery stage. The listing is also a part of the token migration for the Dusk Network, which is exiting the Ethereum-based stage. Users can deposit ERC-20 DUSK tokens and receive the BEP2 version of the token, based on Binance Chain.

The news of a Binance listing immediately boosted the price for DUSK, up by 58% in the past day to $0.34. Previous potential bot discoveries boosted DUSK to an absolute peak of $0.60, and the asset is still up more than 110% week-on-week. Before the announcement and the migration, DUSK hovered around $0.20, with limited trading volumes. DUSK launched on exchanges only in the past couple of weeks, and immediately set to find a place on one of the leading exchanges.

DUSK also has limited activity on Ethfinex and Bittrex, but Binance is taking over the volumes.

The Dusk Network project managed to raise around $8 million’s equivalent between August and November 2018, during a time when token sales were gaining less and less attention. The project took months to be listed on exchanges.

Dusk Network aims to achieve anonymous staking, block production and on-chain program development. Dusk Network, despite its migration to Binance Chain, is in test mode and will produce a third type of token, its native asset, which will be staked in anonymity. There is still no clear deadline for the mainnet launch.

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