Billionaire Calvin Ayre, one of the early advocates of Bitcoin BDH and founder of the Calvin Ayre Media Group (which includes, is taking the next step in his cryptocurrency portfolio by launching up his first digital currency mining operation.

Ayre shares the view of early Bitcoin adopters that BCH is the only genuine low-fee, peer-to-peer digital currency, an official press release from CoinGeed said.
The statement continued: 

“With that vision in mind, Ayre has invested significantly in both hardware and software to build the 'hash rate' of BCH and highlight the all-important scalability of the chain. Ayre will mine only Bitcoin [Cash] BCH, the one true Bitcoin that follows the original Satoshi White paper.”

The new mining operation will be under the, Ayre Media’s Bitcoin news portal. just launched its new website and focused on Bitcoin Commerce (bComm), which means, Bitcoin BCH, as the only technology positioned for this function.

Ayre added:

"This is the first step in a whole host of activity in the BCH space that we are rolling out this year. For instance, we are also embarking on a full merchant adoption marketing program. This will help educate not only those who have already embraced the now-dysfunctional, legacy Segwit Coin but also those who are thinking of taking the plunge for the first time; that BCH is the only option for low-fee micro-payments. This will include the industry's first bComm merchant adoption conference in Hong Kong, May 18th at the Four Seasons [ Conference].”

Ayre, Bitcoin Jesus Say Bitcoin Cash is the True Bitcoin

Late last month, Ayre and Roger Ver 'Bitcoin Jesus' issued a joint statement declaring Bitcoin Cash is the true ‘Bitcoin', The duo even pledged to use both their resources and wealth in educating the public about Bitcoin cash.

The joint statement reads:

"The Calvin Ayre Media Group (which includes intends to work with Roger Ver and his group to educate the world on why the Bitcoin public blockchain (BCC) is the only one that can do it all."

Ayre, an entrepreneur who made a name for himself in the online gambling and entertainment industry, claims that “Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is the true remaining Bitcoin as intended by the original Satoshi white paper, which was immutably embedded in the blockchain back in 2009."

He is said to have thrown his financial support to nChain, a company working on on-chain scaling and building on Bitcoin Cash.

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