BiboxEurope to Add BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR Pairs Today with Special Promotions

Bibox Exchange’s European version uses its status as a VQF-licensed exchange to offer crypto-to-fiat trading and brokerage.

Bibox, one of the most actively innovating crypto exchanges in the space, will start offering BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR trading pairs via its European version, as part of its expansion into fiat-based trades and exchanges. Pairings with the Swiss franc (CHF) and Great Britain Pound (GBP) are also scheduled for the near future. 

The new fiat pairs will start from July 23, with special promotional conditions. There will be zero deposit fees until September 30, 2019, and transaction fees of 0.1% for market makers and market takers.

BiboxEurope will also offer a crypto brokerage service, opening a high-capacity desk for large-scale customers. Bibox has made forays into OTC exchanges, by establishing strong partnerships with other prominent players in the OTC trading space. The exchange has partners in Europe, Asia, and America, including the FBG Capital brokerage. 

The new trading pairs arrive about a month after Bibox launched its platform for European customers. The AI-enhanced exchange has also put special stress on compliance and is one of the first to receive a VQF Swiss license as a provider of financial services. The VQF license was acquired through the takeover of Chain Capital, a cryptocurrency and financial services firm, allowing Bibox Exchange to expand its business model.

Bibox has put in place a robust monitoring KYC process and anti-money-laundering (AML) measures, to comply with the strictest requirements within the European Union.

To perform its fiat-to-crypto service, BiboxEurope has established a partnership with a still-unnamed top 10 global bank. 

OTC one-on-one services are ideal to establish a trusted personal connection, and perform crypto-to-fiat exchanges with increased oversight and safety. Moreover, Bibox is a tailored service, far outpacing the capacity of Coinbase Europe. 

The other possible fiat gateways, Kraken and Huobi OTC, managed to acquire operating licenses in Gibraltar, working by another set of financial requirements. The VQF license is unique in its strictness and establishes a product of unprecedented security and oversight within the crypto space. 

Learn more about BiboxEurope at their official website and follow them on Twitter for updates.

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