BiboxEurope Offers Limited 1% Premium on Bitcoin (BTC) Sales

The chance to sell BTC for fiat comes with a fully transparent and legal platform.

BiboxEurope has created a convenient fiat off-ramp for those wishing to sell Bitcoin (BTC). The usage of BTC includes the right time to liquidate. At the current market prices, a reliable brokerage would be ideal. 

BiboxEurope has entered the market for direct fiat buying and selling. The available pairs for selling are currently BTC/EUR and BTC/CHF, utilizing the two most active European currencies with significant representation in the banking system. 

The offer for BTC sales is usually limited on brokerages offering fiat off-ramps. BiboxEurope has taken another path, offering a 1% premium to the market price. This means a guaranteed sales price and a transparent amount of fiat to be received. 

The 1% premium is a special offer to extend gratitude to the growing BiboxEurope community. For sellers in the BTC/EUR and BTC/CHF pairs, the special 1% premium will be open between November 11, 9 AM, GMT, until November 25, 9 AM, GMT. 

Selling BTC through exchanges depends on local liquidity and contains risk. Smaller exchanges are especially risky. There are the additional trading fees, and the potential to see the order fail during periods of low liquidity or volatility. For everyday BTC users, or new adopters, using a brokerage offers higher predictability and stability. 

BTC was among the best-performing coins in 2019, staging significant rallies in each season. The possibility to buy and sell for fiat also means another chance for new retail adoption. 

BiboxEurope has positioned itself to ride the wave of renewed interest in crypto trading in Europe. As US regulators crack down on exchanges, new regions emerge with better perspectives for liquidity and listing high quality projects. 

Beyond BTC, BiboxEurope is offering a fiat on-ramp for multiple assets, including the recently listed Ontology. But BTC has gained its own liquidity pool for a guaranteed 1% price premium to market levels. 

BiboxEurope has secured the partnership of large-scale European banks, offering a guaranteed and cheap path to fast fiat withdrawal. This is part of the company’s drive to combine the opportunities of the crypto sector with the world of traditional finance. 

BTC trading has grown over the past year, with volumes reaching peaks above $42 billion in 24 hours, not seen since the rallies in 2018. The EUR currently has a share of 1.68% of all BTC trades, lining up among the most active fiat pairings. The EUR activity has even surpassed that of the Korean won, as enthusiasm has shifted to new markets.

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