BiboxEurope Exchange Opens Fiat Trading for Top Crypto Projects

New fiat on-ramps will be offered by BiboxEurope for a hand-picked selection of the best altcoin projects.

BiboxEurope plans its first expansion into selected altcoin and token-based projects, offering a fiat on-ramp for a wider selection of assets. Until recently, BiboxEurope only grew its fiat pairings for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), showing robust demand.

BiboxEurope will open a listing application for all projects, but will run them through a stringent evaluation process.

Beyond the top coins, it may be rather difficult to access fiat trading. Some exchanges have relatively high trading thresholds or require large initial deposits. Other fiat services are too small and illiquid. BiboxEurope wants to help customers that would like to diversify their portfolio, by leveraging the experienced local team and resources.

Europe is one of the ideal playfields for fiat-to-crypto trading, as transfers of funds within the SEPA area are cheaper and easier. Additionally, the option to use Euro, British Pound or Swiss Franc boost the potential liquidity.

BiboxEurope will be open to applications from high-quality projects from around the world, as the European market has lower limitations on the types of crypto assets on offer.

Listing on the exchange can offer a boost to their market presence, brand influence, as well as the potential to accelerate the application of their technology. Blockchain projects are constantly evolving, and newly listed projects have solved some of the long-running problems and questions that still plague older blockchains. New generations of coins and tokens offer fresh trading opportunities, as well as the potential to invest in quality startups.

Listing on BiboxEurope also means a partnership with a company backed by a top 10 investment bank, and open partnerships with German and Swiss commercial banks. The exchange is also fully compliant, the owner of a Swiss VQF license, and also fully transparent under European Union laws and regulations.

The exchange service also operates with an experienced localized team, hence the ability to quickly add support for new types of digital coins and tokens. BiboxEurope will also offer support for compliance, operational matters, and marketing, while funds are protected by multi-cluster system architecture, to avoid loss of assets.

Projects listed on BiboxEurope will also get the endorsement of the Bibox Exchange, one of the leading markets offering crypto-to-crypto trading at a high pace. Both exchanges are constantly growing their capacity, as 2019 renewed the interest in crypto investment.

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