SIX Network to Collaborate with Bezant to Accelerate the Creative Digital Economy in Southeast Asia

With Bezant and SIX Network partnering up, South East Asia looks to lead the charge on digital content and payment systems.


Bezant, a blockchain project focused on providing borderless payment systems, announced its exciting and innovative collaboration with SIX Network. SIX Network aims to provide a transparent and reliable wallet platform as well as wallet-to-wallet integration design. Creators of DApps and service providers are often underpaid or unpaid all together creating devastating cycles of poor UI, failed projects, and dead platforms. Bezant and SIX Network aims to fix that with dynamic payment solutions and create new ways to monetize rewards.

One main challenge that SIX Network and Bezant are tackling together is the difficulty content creators and developers face when trying to monetize their rewards outside tokenized platforms. Content and Platform developers are essentially delegated to equity owners as they are forced to hold onto their tokens until it hits exchanges, which can take months, if it ever happens.

SIX Network syncs with Bezant on its ability to offer better monetary mobility for people affected by poor roadmap management by their companies. SIX Network’s wallet would further decrease cost of transactions and increase liquidity across several content platforms in a decentralized way. This increases transparency, fairness, and effectiveness of content creators and revenue distribution.

With Bezant, SIX Network can be one of the vanguards of pushing forth cheap, reliable commerce. Bezant can be the fuel while SIX Network acts as the engine in providing payment systems and value to the unbanked and banked everywhere.

Commenting on the development, Bezant’s Chief Marketing Officer, Oh Thongsrinoon, stated:

“We believe in driving positive social and economic change by increasing the production and consumption of digital content outside the walled gardens of global tech giants. Starting with this collaboration with SIX Network in Southeast Asia, Bezant looks forward to shifting the dynamics and empowering creators in emerging markets.”

Charkrid Thanhachartyothin, Co-founder, and Head of Blockchain at SIX Network also shared his thoughts:

“Bezant and SIX Network mutually recognize the inherent issues that affect the creative digital economy. Therefore, we look forward to joining forces to help offer a better way to bring liquidity to the digital and creative industries.” 

Bezant and SIX Network successfully raised a combined total of more than US$60 million during their respective token sales, making it the biggest collaboration in Thailand in 2018. With huge revenue sources, they are capable of making the investments necessary to make this project a success. Blockchain platforms are integral to an area such as South East Asia. They can be a driving force for its economy while benefiting its citizens with decentralized and centralized applications for banking, commerce, and technology.