Betmatch Brings Trustless Blockchain-Based Sports Betting to All

The Betmatch platform offers a blockchain-based solution for the sports betting industry.


A boom in the sports betting industry has been accompanied by various problems typical for a developing market with high growth potential. Both players and betting service providers indulge in cheating and fraud, while centralized sports betting servers are notoriously insecure.

As new players are entering the market to satisfy an ever-growing interest towards sports betting, it is vital to find solutions that will reduce the risks and ensure the safety and transparency both for players and betting service providers.

Considering the trustless nature of blockchain-based systems, they may be ideally suited for the needs of the industry. A sports betting platform based on blockchain technology can help dispel mutual distrust and build a solid foundation for healthy development.

Betmatch is a blockchain-based solution for betting service providers that allows players to bet against each other using cryptocurrency and offers custodial services for customers assets.

Betmatch uses the distributed ledger technology (DLT) to merge a classic betting business model with the elements of social networks, thus creating additional value for brokers and players alike.

As all monetary operations, including deposits, withdrawals, and transactions are performed within the smart contracts; they cannot be falsified, broken, or stolen by third parties or dishonest participants.  Apart from that, Betmatch offers an original social platform for players and betting communities, where everyone can build their own betting business.

Thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, all transactions on Betmatch platform are peer-to-peer applications - they do not need an intermediary or a third party to monitor and regulate them. 

What makes Betmach stand apart

  1. Trustless solution: Players do not have to trust their betting service provider as their relationship regulated by smart contracts.
  2. Low fees and easy money transfers: As all deposits and withdrawals are made in cryptocurrencies, the process is there is no need to pay high transaction fees and go through tedious banking procedures. Everything is fast and secure.
  3. Top-level data protection: The platform uses sophisticated encryption algorithms to ensure that personal data is immune to cyber-attacks and kept confidential at all times.
  4. The decentralized autonomous system: allows eliminating intermediaries and safe on third party services.

Apart from that, Betmatch users will benefit from improved user experience and a wide range of available bets, while social betting functionality will allow for comfortable social interactions and experience monetization.

To learn more about Betmatch, visit the official website of the project.

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