Bayern Munich Star James Rodriguez Launches Own Cryptocurrency

Football star James Rodriguez, who plays for Colombian National Team and German club Bayern Munich, wants to launch his own cryptocurrency to create a stronger fan base.

Colombian football star James Rodriguez, who currently plays for the German club Bayern Munich, announced on Friday that he would launch his own cryptocurrency, called JR10 Token. He signed an agreement with SelfSell, a blockchain-oriented startup, to benefit from all the technical support required for the creation of the token.

James Rodriguez was in the spotlight during the 2014 World Cup, when he won the Golden Boot award for scoring six goals during the tournament. After the World Cup in Brazil, Rodriguez played for Real Madrid and then for Bayern Munich on loan, and in the process becoming recognized as one of the best players of his generation.

In an effort to promote his brand and get closer to his fans, the Colombian player decided to be trendy by launching his own cryptocurrency. The new token will be available for sale from May 27 via the SelfSell app.

The move comes as Rodriguez prepares for the 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia. His national team has a good chance to win its group, which also includes Poland, Senegal, and Japan. The football player revealed that his fans had a great contribution to his professional growth. Thus, the new token will be a gift to his supporters, which will help him develop a stronger fan community and better communicate with it.

SelfSell founder Li Yuan said that blockchain ecosystem allows everyone to become both the initiator and beneficiary of value. He added that James Rodriguez would launch the cryptocurrency to get more involved in a series of initiatives that would increase his brand awareness. The new token will also be used for many other use cases that would benefit sponsors, media channels, football clubs, and other stakeholders.

James Rodriguez is not the first sportsman to show interest in cryptocurrency. Last month, we reported that Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao was also preparing to launch his own cryptocurrency to get closer to his fanbase.