Bangkok to Host NEXT BLOCK 2.0 Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Crypto This December

NEXT BLOCK returns to Bangkok for another landmark industry event on December 3, 2019.

The capital of Thailand will become a bustling hub for cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech and affiliate marketing experts for the second time this year. Over 25 prominent speakers, analysts, investors, and visionaries will come to Bangkok to participate in NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 to recap 2019 and discuss the prospects of 2020.

The conference discussions will run upon an umbrella theme ‘Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Crypto’ to emphasize the rebirth of the crypto space and its impact on financial services and solutions as well as affiliate marketing’s role in the industry’s growth.

We lived through a speculative growth in 2017, sharp disillusionment in 2018 and roller-coaster moves underpinned by uncertainty in 2019. What’s is in store for the industry in 2020 still remains to be seen. However, renowned experts will undust their crystal balls at NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 in Bangkok and try to foresee the most probable outcomes moving forward.

NEXT BLOCK has a long history of exclusive events focused on relevant issues, educational aspects, and networking opportunities. Roaring success of NEXT BLOCK in Bangkok in June proved that Asia is one of the busiest centers of the industry development and a key attraction point of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Despite fast growth over the last two years, both the technology and financial sectors of the region are still unsaturated, which makes it a desirable target destination for hi-tech and fintech startups.

This time the discussions will be focused on affiliate marketing, gaming projects, and CFDs in the era of blockchain and crypto. Startups and companies will be able to present their projects in the EXPO ZONE pitch ideas from the main stage to get unparalleled exposure and attract investors, partners, and potential customers.

Apart from fruitful discussions and promotional events, NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 offers unique networking opportunities for blockchain professionals, business executives, investors, and startups. By bringing together the best minds, leaders, and visionaries from the CRYPTO and AFFILIATES space, NEXT BLOCK creates the best conditions for fruitful discussions and amazing networking opportunities and a chance to develop relationships that can make all the difference.

In classic fashion, NEXT BLOCK will once again host an amazing FashionTV party as the final accord of the event.

Visit the official website of the event, to learn more about the agenda and get a ticket. Also read about the recent events in Bangkok NEXT BLOCK ASIA, Sofia, Tel Aviv, and Kyiv.

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