Baidu Unveils Blockchain-Based Quiz App in China

Chinese search engine giant Baidu is launching China's first native blockchain-based knowledge quiz application Duyuzhou.

Chinese search engine behemoth has unveiled on Thursday the first locally-developed blockchain-based knowledge quiz application Duyuzhou, which translates Du Universe in English, the China Money Network reported.

The Du Universe quiz will build a digital universe consisting of planets, gravitation, and elements. The app will allow users to collect these elements by participating in the quiz; the collected elements can be monetized as users are given incentives when they expand or create their own planets.

Central to the quiz’s incentive is the “Duyuzhou token” which Baidu will issue to users. These coins can be used in creating a knowledge community. At the same time, Baidu announced that users would be rewarded with 100 "elements" as an incentive when they register on the first day of Duyuzhou's release. The free incentive will diminish over time, the company stated.

Baidu said that the app has a "Quiz" functionality that allows users to join various activities supported by the app. In fact, the app initiated several quiz activities on Thursday in time with the opening of the World Cup, explicitly targeting football fans.

Baidu said the company is hiring content producers for Duyuzhou, offering them better incentives for those who will join earlier. Moving forward, the company said the app would be available for third-party development platforms to enable them to add more applications and games to users.

In May, Baidu launched a super-chain, a blockchain-focused network operating system that is compatible with Ethereum and Bitcoin’s ecosystems.

In a similar move, Singapore-based mobile game and innovations firm gumi Asia Pte. Ltd. said in April that it is recruiting eSports players for the beta testing of its new trading card game called Financie, which is also powered by blockchain technology.

Abdul Malek, gumi Asia public relations executive told Cryptovest in an e-mailed statement:

“We are recruiting eSports players and test users during this closed beta period.”

Malek explained that eSports players would be featured on the trading cards in the Financie game. Fans will have the opportunity to trade and buy the trading cards that they can use to support them in the gaming activities. More importantly, the fans will have the leeway to determine the value of the various cards.