Atlantis Blue Offers a Truly Precious Token Backed by a Unique Gem - Larimar!

The project offers safe investments in tokens backed by Larimar, a semi-precious gems found in the Dominican Republic.


Larimar is one of the rarest semi-precious gems on Earth, found only in the Dominican Republic on a small plot of land that used to be a volcano. The elegance and exquisite beauty of the gem make it a popular jewelry stone, with demand for it growing steadily each year. Consumption of Larimar more than tripled over the past two years, but price discrepancies, illegal exports, and falsifications still plague the industry, according to Atlantis Blue research.

Atlantis Blue Exchange, which is built on the existing Stellar network, aims to dramatically improve the process of Larimar mining and marketing by investing its ICO proceeds in technological innovations, redistributing benefits from Larimar sales in the local community and weeding out bad actors from the market.

How it works

In buying an Atlantis Blue Digital Token (ABDT), an investor actually purchases one gram of rough Larimar. Once all post ICO goals are implemented, the process will be as followed: When mined, the gems make their way to the Atlantis Blue Warehouse, where they are weighted and graded. At this point, they are already digitized in the Stellar Distributed Exchange so they will proceed to the Atlantis Blue Artisan Camp to be processed, polished and prepared for sale and distribution on the Atlantis Blue Exchange - the only legitimate place for trading the gem.

All resellers will have to get authorized by the exchange before they are allowed to distribute Larimars. This will protect end buyers from purchasing fake stones and eliminate black market trading.

Investor benefits

ABDT holders will have a token backed by one of the rarest gems. Growing demand and limited supply will push the price of Larimar higher, securing attractive return on investments and a guaranteed safe exit at any time.

Once the Atlantis Blue Exchange is operational, investors will be able to redeem their tokens for Larimars by sending a request to the Atlantis Blue Exchange or showing up in person at its premises in the Dominican Republic and transferring the desired amount of tokens to the exchange. Once the transaction is processed, they will receive the corresponding amount of Larimars that can be used for personal needs or sold to retail jewelers for a small fee on their behalf. Tokens exchanged for Larimars will be burned.

The best part about the project is that it is not a concept but a fully operational business that has been producing Larimar for years. Its primary goal is to improve and develop mining infrastructure and eliminate the deficiencies of Laminar trading, making it more fair and efficient.

"Our mine has been producing Larimar for decades. The purpose of our ICO is to implement some changes to optimize our operations, bring forth and adopt the Fair Trade Larimar campaign starting this coming August and to digitize the business. Let’s say we have raised nothing and collected zero funds; those changes would take longer to implement. Building the Atlantis Blue Exchange, the receivership warehouse, the artisan camp and further increasing production at the mine would not be completed this year, which is our goal,"   explains Gladys Henriquez, business strategy manager of Atlantis Blue.

Atlantis Blue ICO details

The Atlantis Blue ICO is live now. Interested investors can purchase ABDT from the official website of the project or on BiteBTC and SDEX (the Stellar Decentralized Exchange) with Lumens, Bitcoins, Ethereum, or fiat currencies like US dollars and euro. Currently, prices on the SDEX are way cheaper than those on BiteBTC which is a nice setup for some great arbitrage.

The team has already sold 165 million ABDT out of the 300 million available for sale during the ICO, with each token backed by 1 gram of average grade Larimar. The company offers up to 50% bonus for long-term investors who have been holding ABDT tokens for months. When the ICO is over, the tokens will be sold at market price, regardless of the purchase size.

If you feel like investing in ABDT, refer to the official website of the project or subscribe to its updates on Twitter and Telegram.