As Crypto Gains Fame, Personalized Scams Increase

Spend a little time in the world of cryptocurrencies, you would meet personalized scam and phishing attacks. Stay safe and don't let the hype lead you to losses.

Opening up to the world of cryptocurrencies is exciting- but unfortunately opens you up to simple, yet annoying attacks on your coins. If anyone threatens you with losses or promises high returns, think twice.

And please don't do anything of the sort:

MyEtherWallet is wonderful and easy to use, but phishing attacks are going for the low-hanging fruits with one of those shifty-looking cloned addresses. In general, there is no need to unlock MyEtherWallet, unless you want to send funds. You can watch your token balances through

And if you are a part of any Slack channels and communities, keep in mind that those channels are transparent and important information will never reach you via personal message. Slack and Telegram channels have been known for spreading fake Ethereum addresses during an ICO- fake in a way that your Ether would never reach the destination. But real enough that a hacker would hold your coins.

The other vector is to promise Bitcoin returns. An email invited me to click on an instructional video- promising great rewards:

Unfortunately, the video link led to:


Don't click on links, some are more aggressive and may start downloads.

Then, there was the curious case of CoinPump, claiming to be "the most organized Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation group".

If you are curious, use a throw-away email to register, but it looks suspiciously like a phishing attempt. Still, there are pump groups for those with a taste for risky coins. But it is best to avoid that space in the cryptocurrency world, since it can be a vector for attacks.

Avoid schemes where you set up accounts and contact a broker. Cryptocurrencies are, in most cases, freely available to purchase and hold. Users should be in charge of their coins and be aware of security.

The above are just a tiny selection of scams, but all landed within one day. It is better to use a throwaway email for any coin or project that seems even vaguely dangerous. In the world of cryptocurrencies, remain cautiously curious.