Another ‘Real Satoshi Nakamoto’ to Reveal Identity This May 14

The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto reawakened, with several contenders suggesting the real creator of Bitcoin is alive and well, and ready to go out of hiding.

A website is counting down the date to reveal the identity of the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of the Bitcoin White Paper and the owner of a large treasure of previously untouched Bitcoin (BTC).

The real identity of Satoshi will, apparently, be revealed in under a week, promising a live unveiling. The site is connected to the Twitter handle of @gotsatoshi, who claims to be:

“Inventor, developer, futurist. #Crypto enthusiast and #blockchain evangelist. Not Craig Wright. May know @officialmcafee. Unmask me if you can.”

The claimant has explicitly stated he is not Dr. Craig Wright - differentiating himself - or herself - from the most vocal claimant to the title. The @gotsatoshi personality also made a stab at the John McAfee claim of knowing Satoshi Nakamoto in person, and the recent promise to reveal that identity.

In the past months, another account, @RealSatoshiN, also made claims to be the name and face behind Bitcoin. Amaury Sechet, developer for BitcoinABC, also made a parody attempt to supply cryptographic evidence that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, just to make a point that anyone could fabricate such evidence.

The revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto is seen as a chance to ask about the direction the network should take. The Bitcoin network remains relatively conservative, with only a few changes. At the same time, several forks exist, with many of them claiming to be closer to the intentions of the White Paper compared to Bitcoin Core.

In the past, the real Satoshi Nakamoto has evaded attempts at identification, despite many speculations. One of the theories is that there is no one author behind Bitcoin, but that a group of developers created the first digital currency.

Undeniable evidence for being Satoshi Nakamoto would be a message signed with a private key that could only belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. So far, no one has produced that evidence, and has not moved the funds acquired through early block rewards.

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