Fans Sent 37 BTC to Andreas Antonopoulos's Wallet as BTC Reaches Above $15,000

The Bitcoin wallet of Andreas Antonopoulos, prominent Bitcoin lecturer promoting early adoption from 2013 onward, received a gift of 37 BTC.

The creative lecturing and globe-trotting of Andreas Antonopoulos has paid out suddenly, as his Bitcoin address received a gift of 37 BTC. Overnight, the gift became even more valuable, as the price of BTC rose to above $15,000 on US markets, with a larger premium in Korea.

More than 75 unscripted lectures have been wrapped up in a collection of volumes on The Internet of Money. As Bitcoin broke records, early adopters who held through must be really thankful to Mr. Antonopoulos. 

The work of Mr. Antonopoulos coincided with the looming Greek debt crisis. Greece is one of the countries with early adoption of Bitcoin, due to a mix of suitable European laws and the distrust in banks. 

But while Mr. Antonopoulos may be celebrating, the quick climb of Bitcoin by $3,000 in a couple of days is causing some jitters. The Bitcoin of 2017 is quite different from Bitcoin in 2013, with much higher electricity costs, mining wars and a price rising almost vertically. Bitcoin's dominance over the whole cryptocurrency market expanded to more than 68% just as it was dropping a few days ago, with more money flowing into the coin, when price predictions of $25 to $35,000 look even more realistic. 

But to put the gift into perspective, 37 BTC is less than the unspent block rewards of Satoshi Nakamoto, still seen in the early blockchain addresses. The amount is closest to three current block rewards of 12.5BTC.

Soon after the news of the "teacher appreciation" gift the wallet address of Antonopoulos was overrun by traffic, as one of the latest curiosities of crypto space.

Antonopoulos has covered all sides of Bitcoin, with a look on the technology, the pains of growing not only a robust, but an antifragile network, and the need to replace the current banking system.