Amun Spreads Products Throughout the EU

In another bout of crypto adoption, Amun has received permission to spread its crypto-derived products to the entire EU.

Amun, the issuer of crypto-derived products, is preparing for expansion across the European Union. The presentation of its portfolio of products is prepared in a pre-approved prospectus, reviewed by the Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA).

Amun is among the top producers of professional-grade, highly liquid cryptocurrency exchange-traded products. The ETPs were initially traded on the SIX exchange, and later, on Boerse Stuttgart.

“Our mission is clear and that is to help investors more safely, cost effectively and easily invest in crypto asset classes through our crypto ETPs. We are very fortunate to have finished this process within 4 months of its consultancy period” said Amun’s President Ms Ophelia Snyder.

“We recognise that the regulatory framework in Sweden has been supportive of such initiatives and we welcome its deliberation.”

The Amun issuer has nine ETPs based on some of the most liquid coins in the crypto space. Due to heightened interest in Sweden, the assets under management have grown to above $55 million.

Additionally, Amun holds actual physical assets, and offers Tezos staking services. The funds are fully transparent, and will be available for the growing European demand for crypto-based investments.

European Union regulations are supportive of creating clear, fully transparent products, and the borderless potential for transfers of funds also helps spread the Amun products. The company reminds potential traders that a prospectus does not constitute endorsement of the products, as the crypto assets are inherently volatile and highly risky.

The Amun products offer EU traders exposure that has not been available to US-based traders. So far, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has stopped the launch of an ETF, the US standard for a derivative product.

The Amun products also offer a new arena of price discovery and liquidity, drawing in a new class of investors. For the actual spot markets for digital assets, liquidity remains uncertain and may disappear overnight.

Amun offers a mix of single-asset ETPs, as well as a HODL product combining the leading, most liquid coins.

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